Top Universities in Texas Receive Bomb Threats

Several ivy league universities in Texas received bomb threats from an anonymous source, reports CBS News. A wave of panic struck the students and authorities in the aftermath of the threat. The universities ordered immediate evacuation soon after the threat was received. However, the suspect remains to be exposed, even days after the threat. The intention of the culprit behind the incidents is not clear as of now. Different universities received threats one after the other. The authorities have refused to believe that there is any truth to these threats. Universities have set up emergency measures to counter the imminent danger. Police have started investigating deeply into the matter to safeguard the students, teachers, and other staff of the universities.

Universities Follow Emergency Procedures

The universities which received bomb threats include brown, Cowell, Columbia, and Yale universities. The universities implemented security checks and installed advanced defense mechanisms with immediate effect. Concerned officials and authorities are informed, and they are on a strict vigilance of any pertinent threat. Nearby buildings have been evacuated as a precautionary step. Despite intense investigations, no signs of a bomb or any other life threat have been detected yet. The vice present of a school’s university relations said that the police officials “ received a call of bombs being placed in multiple buildings” and said, “ no credible threats are found.”

Authorities Dismiss Signs of Threats

The authorities of universities further cited the threat as a “ hoax.” They were relieved that the campuses of universities were safe. Though the threats have subsided as of now, the authorities have assured the citizens of their safety. The authorities have decided to work with the local and state criminal investigation departments to maintain a sense of peace across the city.

The police have instructed the universities to call the students back into the university campus. As the threat subsides, we can witness the spread of normalcy among students and university staff. The authorities said that though the threat was just a publicity stunt, it could happen in the future, and the students and universities need to be alert.