Top 10 Romantic Things to Do in Austin

There are numerous romantic things to do in Austin, but in this post, we’ll focus on the best 10 things to do with your significant other. Take a look! Austin, Texas, is a paradise for couples and a fantastic USA bucket list destination, with everything from wine tasting at local vineyards to kayaking and walking around farmer’s markets.

If you’re like boutique shopping, a pleasant ambiance, and the great outdoors, Austin makes for a superb couple’s holiday in the US or even a honeymoon destination. Austin, Texas’s capital city, is rich in both history and entertainment and is the region’s cultural center.

Romantic Things to Do in Austin

It’s famous for its live entertainment and beautiful hills, and it’s as beautiful as it is entertaining! Options range from exciting days on the lake to relaxing afternoons spent wine tasting or sampling local Austin cuisine.

This guide to the romantic things to do in Austin will help you navigate the city and find all of the hidden gems and romantic hotspots to make wonderful memories with your significant other, whether your perfect couple’s weekend in Austin involves dining at upscale restaurants or embracing the grunge music scene. It’ll be a romantic weekend to remember!

Looking for a place to stay in Austin? Then this comprehensive guide on where to stay in Austin is for you! It includes hotels, Vrbos, and other accommodations!!

Romantic Things to Do in Austin, Texas

We’ve prepared a list of ultra-romantic & down-to-earth experiences that shouldn’t be missed to help you design the ideal romantic itinerary in Austin.
You’ll adore these fantastic Austin date ideas whether you’re on a road trip around Texas or live in/near the city. Enjoy!

Umlauf Sculpture Garden & Museum

The works of Charles Umlauf, an American sculptor, were the inspiration for this lovely outdoor sculpture garden and museum. It’s right near to Zilker Park, and walking through the grounds and taking in the art and excellent weather is one of the most romantic things to do in Austin. Umlauf was a well-known sculptor from the United States who taught at the University of Texas Art Department. In Texas, he has more public sculptures on exhibit than any other sculptor. The gardens offer a lovely, peaceful setting for long walks along the walking pathways, and seats are strategically placed throughout the gardens to provide space for rest stops. There is also a gift shop if you wish to take home some souvenirs from your trip, as well as literature to explain each piece of art as you walk around. A stroll through the gardens takes less than an hour, making it a great option to incorporate this activity into your morning or afternoon in Austin while still having time to do other things. There’s no better destination for art lovers on a beautiful day than the Umlauf Sculpture Gardens!

Barton Creek

You’ll fall in love with the scenery of Barton Creek, where you can kayak, canoe, or even paddleboard your way down this tributary if you’re an outdoorsy couple. Barton Creek feeds the Colorado River and runs through some of Austin’s most beautiful locations. Because the terrain surrounding it is so well-protected, you’ll be able to witness unspoiled flora and flowers and get a good dose of fresh air while participating in your chosen activities. Enjoy the hiking trails at Barton Creek Greenbelt or go bird-watching in the area if you want to stay on land. There are nearly 7 miles of public land to explore in the Barton Creek Greenbelt, and there are also rock climbing chances if you want to get even more adventurous. The heat causes it to dry down later in the summer, so go earlier in the summer if you want to take advantage of water sports or simply admire the beautiful Cyprus trees. You may also go on a romantic bike ride via the biking trails, which are beginner-friendly yet feature rocks and other challenges to keep things interesting.

Day Trip from Austin

If you’re staying in Austin for an extended amount of time, why not take a day trip from Austin? Waco seems to be about an hour and a half away, and there are plenty of things to do in Waco for newlyweds, including a day at Magnolia Market, where you can visit Chip and Joanna Gaines’ store and grab a famous cupcake from the bakery. Waco also boasts shopping alternatives such as Spice Village and is a tiny Texas city that is easy to explore. Otherwise, keep driving a bit further and you’ll be in Dallas and Fort Worth in approximately two hours. There are so many free things to do in Dallas and Fort Worth that you can arrange a low-cost day out or have a romantic meal on the top of Reunion Tower with breathtaking views of the city. There are lots of green spots to rest in Dallas, and Fort Worth’s water gardens are a wonderful illustration of what happens when urban architecture meets tranquil water fountains. Also, don’t miss dinner at Pecan Lodge, Dallas’ best barbecue joint with a queue that wraps around the building because the brisket and ribs are so delicious. There are plenty of other romantic restaurants in Dallas for you and your spouse to visit.

Mount Bonnell’s Covert Park

Mount Bonnell, Austin’s highest point, rises nearly 700 feet above the city and is a terrific spot for a picnic and some spectacular views. The trek up to the peak is only about 30 minutes long. The peak was named for George Bonnell, the Texas Republic’s Commissioner of Indian Affairs. You’ll be able to see spectacular views of downtown Austin, as well as the 360 Bridge, from the top. Because Austin has over 300 sunny days each year, plenty of couple’s photos are taken here every day – ideal for a stunning shot of a lovely view! There are 102 steps to the summit, as well as a viewing platform and pavilion where you can rest before returning down. There is free parking, making this a fun inexpensive date idea in Austin, and dogs are allowed on leashes, so bring your four-legged friend along! It’s a hike, but it’s not too tough, and it’s more of an enjoyable break from your day than a hike you’ll spend all day wondering where the end is. In addition to your picnic, don’t forget to bring sunscreen and water bottles, because nothing is less romantic than being dehydrated and sunburned while trying to gaze lovingly into each other’s eyes!

Barley Swine is a great place to have dinner

Barley Swine is the perfect restaurant in Austin for couples who also consider themselves foodies, with a history of attempting to support farmers and ranchers in the Austin region. There will be no frozen foods here; instead, you will enjoy a dining experience with courses inspired by the fresh food and produce available from local places throughout the season you are dining in. Creative meals like shitake dumplings and hibiscus rice pudding ensure that you’re continually sampling new flavors, while the cocktails and drinks feature ingredients from the restaurant’s garden. The whole ambiance is rustic, with wooden materials, farmhouse cabinets, and chopped wood to help you feel at ease and connected to your natural surroundings. Barley Swine is the place to go whether you’re looking for a unique culinary experience with your partner or attempting to arrange a memorable Austin date night.

Zilker Botanical Garden

The Zilker Botanical Garden, located on the south bank of the Colorado River, is one of the greatest locations to visit in Austin for couples, with over 20 acres of diverse scenery to explore. It was built in 1955 as the focal point of Zilker Park to offer beauty and joy to the community. Spend an afternoon strolling around themed gardens such as the Hartman Prehistoric Garden or the Japanese Garden, or stop and smell the roses in the Rose Garden. The paths are all easily accessible and smooth, so you may enjoy it regardless of your mobility level. Koi-filled ponds provide a calm setting, and all of the trails are easily accessible and smooth. Take a look at the streams and heritage live oaks, which contribute to the beautiful natural setting. Beautiful butterfly gardens are designed with plants that entice butterflies to flutter about them, improving your chances of seeing one of these magnificent creatures. Keep an eye out for the “fairy dwellings” strewn about – you never know what you’ll find inside! The botanical gardens’ route is about a mile long, plenty for an hour or two of walking, or two if you’re taking your time to take it all in. For stunning Austin settings, have your couple’s photos taken here.

Visit The Austin Winery

The Austin Winery’s taste testing area has a unique and varied wine collection, spanning from effervescent to reds, whites, and roses. The Austin Winery is a major player in the Texas wine movement, seeking to create blends and cultivate grapes that are natural to Texas, rather than attempting to alter the soil to produce wines that are popular in other places — this makes it a genuinely distinct Texas experience! In the tasting area, get the cheese plate for an A+ selection of cheeses ranging from fresh goat’s cheese to blueberry-infused cheeses to sharp cheddars. The warehouse ambiance on the bottom floor, where the main seating area is located, is very Austin, but if you prefer a more informal dating or wine tasting experience, there is comfortable seating on the couches upstairs. The staff can not only help you find the finest pairings, but they can also help you figure out what wine you would like if you’re unfamiliar with it. They are quite knowledgeable about their list and will spend a significant amount of time with you to ensure that you have a positive experience. If you want something heartier, you may bring food from the nearby food trucks, and if you frequent the Austin region, you can join the wine club to receive regular free glasses of wine, free events, and a slew of other benefits.

Enjoy Breakfast at Josephine House

This Austin restaurant serves traditional American fare with a focus on quality and elegant plating to make you feel like you’re spoiling yourself. Start your romantic day in Austin with breakfast here, and order the steak and eggs for an out-of-this-world experience, or the shrimp and grits for a southern classic. A must-try is the avocado toast with egg, and if you’re having brunch, you can always have a breakfast drink to accompany your meal. The waffles are delectable, and the soulful music blasting from the speakers is enough to spark a romantic dialogue. When the weather permits, relax on the patio or take in the ambiance indoors. It’s hip, it’s cool, and it’s everything very Austin, from the ricotta pancakes to the whiskey cocktails.

Explore Austin with a Bike Ride

A bike tour is a fun and interesting way to experience Austin as a couple, and there are lots of places where you can hire your bikes and go on a self-directed bike tour, or you can schedule a guided bike tour that will take you through the city’s best pathways and trails. Choose between a downtown Austin bicycling tour, which will take you past the city’s major sites and sounds for a more urban day out, and a more nature-inspired path, such as the Lady Bird Lake Trail, which will provide you with fresh air as well as lovely vistas. There are even “haunted” rides for individuals who want to do something in Austin at night while learning about local ghost legends, as well as food-based bike tours that take you from restaurant to restaurant sampling Austin’s best cuisine. The nicest part of going on a guided bike tour is that you won’t get lost and won’t have to worry about finding your way around. Instead, as you cycle your way through Austin on two wheels, you can relax and enjoy each other’s company.

On Lady Bird Lake, ride a swan boat

Lady Bird Lake is more like a modest expansion of the Colorado River as it runs through Downtown Austin than a lake in the true sense. Regardless, you may take a pedal boat for two out onto the calm waters, which is shaped like a large white swan. Not only will you have a good laugh and a nice workout, but the flora along the shoreline, with the city center’s towers in the background, will provide some magnificent sights. You can even watch the famed Austin bats take to the sky if you go in the evening.