Rappers Travis Scott, Drake Sued For Inciting ‘Mayhem’ At Astroworld Concert

During the Travis Scott concert, more than eight people were found dead in a stampede incident that took place this week. More than a hundred were injured in a music event organized in Houston.

As a result of the disastrous incident, more than 300 people were injured and needed medical attention. An absolute carnage took place as an aftermath of this incident. Police and legal authorities have initiated strict action against the culprits. They believe that the crowd was agitated by the actions of rappers.

Rappers Accused of Creating Hoax

Travis Scott and Drake are among the culprits of the incident. The authorities have highlighted their names in their investigation.

According to a story published by Daily Mail to draw focus upon this incident. The legal authorities have filed “ one of the first lawsuits in Travis Scott Astroworld Festival tragedy.”

The story also throws light on how the incidents transpired on the concert night. Going by the evidence, the rappers catalyzed a crowd surge onto the stage, leading to the death of eight people and hundreds of casualties.

Homicide and Narcotics Authorities Get Involved

Homicide and narcotics authorities have taken center stage to investigate deep into the incident that transfer adds. Social media is flooded with posts regarding the deaths of civilians.

The incident has instituted a protest among the citizens of Texas. Victims of the incident have come forward and cited their misery following the incident off concert night. Some of the victims include a 16-year-old girl, a 27-year-old man, and a university student.

There are reports of mass injuries due to the crowd surge. The series of events building up to that incident has taken the entire country by surprise. The involvement of celebrities has helped the popularity of the incident. It has spread like a fire in the forest.

Different sources have cited various reasons which have led to the incident. However, the real cause behind it remains to be seen. Criminal investigations have taken the entire flow to punish the victims. The incident has emerged as one of the most hazardous ones in recent times.