Yet to claim BCBS Settlement money? Here’s How To Do It

Don’t get overwhelmed if you have received a notice by mail or email that you are a part of a $2.67 billion settlement from Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) health insurance. You are not in any Catch-22 situation. So don’t worry about it.

NewsBreak reports, Blue Cross reached the settlement with the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, and the Association had agreed to make some operational changes. They also approved to pay members involved in the case. But a judge has not given final approval to the settlement.

All these mailers are part of a $2.67 billion settlement in a class-action antitrust lawsuit that Blue Cross Blue Shield reached on October 16, 2020. This is one of the largest health care settlements in U.S. history. So, if you possess any kind of Blue Cross and Blue Shield health insurance between February 2008 and October 2020, you are eligible for this settlement.

Terms of settlement

As per the settlement terms, about $1.9 billion will go to eligible subscribers who file claims, and the remaining $700 million will go to the case’s attorneys. 

You have different options to claim or to leave it. If you are keen, you can look at the BCBS legal rights and options notice. If you are not interested and find it a waste of time, you do nothing and ignore the mail. By doing this, you are losing your chance to sue the company, and you won’t get any money.

File a claim

To claim your BCBS Settlement, log on to the website by you putting in your Unique ID found on the mailer. After you log in, you will be directed to the page where your health insurance card details need to be included. Now one can select your payment method. You can claim your payment via Venmo, cheque, or prepaid card. You’ll get a confirmation number. Go on and claim your money!!