Woman Arrested After a Family Member Was Fatally Shot at Their House in NE Houston

A  woman shot a family member in northeast Houston on Monday afternoon, and she has been arrested.

Around 2:30 p.m., Houston police responded to a shooting in the 12900 block of Sarah Lanes. A dead body of a man was found inside their home and after a brief investigation, one of the family members was considered a suspect of the crime. According to  ABC13 the man and woman’s relationship is unknown. It’s also unclear what happened before the shooting.


Killings of Family Members are Not New in Texas 


ABC 13 also reported a more tragic crime last month, inside their blazing home, four members of the Escano family, including two children, were found shot to death. As reported by KHOU 11 Jairo Escao, 37, his 44-year-old wife Elvira Yah, and their children, Isabel, 13, and Jairo Jr., 10, were eventually confirmed as the victims.


According to authorities, the guy who shot himself outside a southwest Houston Park on Thursday morning is the suspect in the deaths of four family members over the weekend. It is also added by the police that the same firearm was used to kill the family member and himself. 


Murder in Families 

Based on PrisoLegalNews Org 6.5 percent of murder victims were slain by their spouses, 3.5 percent by their parents, 1.9 percent by their own children, 1.5 percent by siblings, and 2.6 percent by other relatives.


A female killer was used by a third of the family members. Females were 15 percent of the time the killers of siblings, and 18 percent of the time the killers of parents. Women, on the other hand, made up 41% of killers in spouse killings. Women predominated in offspring killings, accounting for 55 percent of the perpetrators.