Walmart Donates $10,000 To Greg Abbott’s Reelection Campaign

Walmart’s Political Action Committee (PAC) donated to Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s reelection campaign last month. Walmart made the donation despite Abbott passing the six-week abortion ban law and the bill regarding voter restrictions.

Per a Federal Election Commission filing, the donation amounted to $10,000 and was given on Sept. 29 as part of its “PAC for the sustainable government.” Aside from Abbott, Walmart also donated to Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, a Republican, a total of $5,000. Records also showed that Walmart contributed to Abbott’s and Patrick’s campaigns in the past and to Democrat candidates.

Walmart Donates To Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s Reelection Campaign
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Walmart Explains Donation Through Statement

A Walmart representative released a statement to CNBC regarding the donation. CNBC quoted the representative saying, “As a company that operates in all 50 states, it is necessary for us to engage political leaders from both parties across a broad spectrum of policy matters. Our company and PAC engage in a bipartisan manner based on a range of issues that impact our associates, customers, and shareholders.”

As for the issues that come with the donation regarding Abbott’s recent approval of the six-week abortion ban and the pushing of the voting restrictions in Texas, the Walmart representative said that they will never be a single-issue contributor and they recognize there are times when the elected officials will back legislation that they do not support od condone. However, they should still continue to engage in the political process to make their views known to policymakers and other stakeholders.

Walmart Demands Staff To Get Vaccinated

United States President Joe Biden announced his plans for a vaccine mandate involving companies with 100 or more workers. Abbott, however, issued an executive order days ago saying that no entity can compel employees or consumers to get vaccinated.

Amid the controversy, Walmart demanded its corporate staff and management-level employees get COVID-19 vaccines by Oct. 4. The mandate covers all employees working in Walmart’s home office, market, and regional and divisional employees. However, it does not apply to employees who work in a single location, such as stores or warehouses.