Three-Year-Old Missing Boy In Texas Finally Found After Four Days

A three-year-old boy from Grimes County, Texas, has been found alive. The boy went missing for four days.

Known Details Before The Boy Went Missing 

ABC 13 reported that a neighbor last saw the boy, Christopher Ramirez, on Wednesday. The boy reportedly followed a family dog of another neighbor down a road near his home on that day. Click2Houston further reported that the boy just got home with his mom and grandmother after they ran some errands, and his mom and grandmother were unloading the car when the boy chased the dog. 

Ramirez was wearing a bright green shirt and Mickey Mouse shoes when he was last seen. According to the family, when the dog returned and did not see Ramirez with the animal, they searched for the three-year-old. After 20 minutes of searching with no positive results, the family had already contacted Grimes County Sheriff’s Office so they could get assistance. 

Three-Year-Old Missing Boy In Texas Finally Found After Four Days
Image Credit: KHOU 11/YouTube screencap

Intensive Search Started On The Same Day 

On the same day that Ramirez went missing, deputies and their K-9 units started to conduct a ground search until the late hours of the night. Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, the federal Bureau of Investigation, and other agencies also helped with the search alongside hundreds of volunteers. Drones and helicopters were likewise deployed to help look for Ramirez, but despite their efforts until Friday, they still could not locate the boy. 

The Man Who Found The Boy 

The man who found the boy is Tim. He told Click2Houston that he first heard of the missing boy during a group bible study on Friday night. During the bible study, Tim Told Click2Houston that the Spirit prompted him to look for the boy in the woods. Click2Houston quoted Tim saying, “So, I got up this morning, did my bible study, devotional time, prayer time, like I try to do every day and my wife came in and said ‘What are you going to do today?’ And I said, ‘I’m going to go out in the woods and see if I can find that boy.’ And, and I did.”

Tim started looking for the boy at 9:45 A.M., and at around 11:30 A.M., he said he found Ramirez near a pipeline. He initially thought the sound he heard was because of a deer. He went close and tried to listen more and said he could not understand the boy’s words, but it did sound like a human in distress. 

The boy was speaking in Spanish, which is why Tim could not understand him. Whenever Tim said “Hello,” the boy did not respond. Tim then called the authorities and told them the child might be where he was. When police got there, they yelled Christopher’s name, and that was the only time Tim knew of the boy’s identity. So, Tim continued to call for Christopher, and the boy started responding until Tim finally found him. 

How Is The Boy Now 

After Ramirez was found, he was reunited with his mother before being taken to Texas Children’s Hospital in The Woodlands to be evaluated. The boy had scratches all over his body and was dehydrated. He also did not have his shirt on, and the family believes he removed it at one point when he was missing. 

It remains unclear how the boy got to the woods or what he was doing.