Texas Longhorns’ Recent Loss Against Oklahoma State May Have Cost Them Arch Manning  

Texas Longhorns’ game against No. 12 Oklahoma State sure did disappoint Texas fans. That said, sports pundits believe that this is another blown lead by the said football team as it is likely that this has cost them, Arch Manning.  

Manning at the Longhorns’ game  

During the Longhorns’ game, Manning was present only to witness the team’s heartbreaking 32-24 loss to Oklahoma State Cowboys. Texas (No. 25) plunges to 4-3 after bowing down to Oklahoma State (No. 12), which is still undefeated, Fansided reported 

Five teams  

While Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy has had Texas’ number for quite a while now, the Texas team’s chances of securing Manning after what happened could be pretty slim. It is said that Manning has been seriously considering Alabama, Georgia, Texas, Clemson, and Ole Miss, with Longhorns being a slight favorite. Nonetheless, that loss might make the quarterback change his mind.  

Manning has been checking on Alabama, Georgia, and Texas for games. Further, sports analysts are even musing whether Texas would be the best spot for him even though the Longhorns will be in the SEC by the time he sets foot on campus.  

Manning may still be eyeing Texas despite Longhorns’ loss to Oklahoma State. However, the young quarterback has to make wise business decisions about choosing the school that he’ll be attending. Sure, Ole Miss is Manning’s so-called collegiate homestead, but as of late, Texas is the only other college football team on the roster as mentioned above that are deemed as playoff pretenders.   

The Longhorns’ recent loss will help Ole Miss’ case. However, it will give hope to Georgia, Alabama, and Clemson as well.  

Texas’ upcoming matches  

Texas’ loss was second in a row in which the team blew a double-digit lead, not to mention its team standing drop to 4-3. Further, the program hasn’t finished with less than three losses in a season since 2009.  

Longhorns’ schedule is closing on a light note as they go up against Kansas and Kansas State. It’s worth noting, though, that for the program to reach that three-game stretch, they should win against Baylor and Iowa State.