Texas’ 6-Week Abortion Ban Blocked by Federal Judge

After an order to this effect by a Federal Judge, the six-week abortion ban clamped on Texas has been blocked.

While allowing a plea from the Justice Department bringing about the lawsuit, U.S. District District Judge Robert Pitman ruled that the coming into effect of the S.B. 8 had unlawfully prevented women from having control over their lives in ways that the Constitution protects.

The Judge pointed out that the “offensive deprivation of such an important right” will not be allowed. The court order comes about as a major win for the proponents of abortion rights. Though this could only be a temporary win, they are a happy lot at the moment.

It may be recalled that the Texas Legislature had tasked citizens to use litigation against any clinic that performs an abortion. As per a CNN report, Texas had stated that those helping a person get an abortion done that violates the ban could be targeted with state court litigation under the law, which threatens damages of at least $10,000.

Depriving citizens of their Rights Unconstitutional

The order noted that the state, even after it knew that depriving citizens of this right would be unconstitutional, it did just that. Judge Pitman has made it imperative to any state officer to stay away from enforcing the ban. The order also prevents officers from “accepting or docketing, maintaining, hearing, resolving, awarding damages in, enforcing judgments, enforcing any administrative penalties, and administering any lawsuit” brought under the state law.

Anti-Abortion Groups Unhappy

The state has also been directed to inform court officials and private individuals seeking to enforce the currently blocked ban.

Meanwhile, anti-abortion activists are not happy. However, the clinics are gearing up to offer abortion services now that the ban order has been blocked.