Texans Are Musing Whether Actor Matthew McConaughey Would Run For Governor   

Hollywood star Matthew McConaughey has been musing the idea of running for governor of Texas, though it is said that the actor has refused to commit to it. The actor has been considering it since last Spring as Texans want to know his decision.  

McConaughey still tight-lipped  

McConaughey is, as of late, residing in the state capital of Austin and has remained mum on what he’s planning to do next. That said, individuals who are also eyeing for the said position are on a so-called holding pattern as they opted to wait and see what the actor would do next, according to Los Angeles Times.   

He is deemed as a potential lock for Democrats, who have not secured a statewide office since 1994. However, he has yet to make it his stance known on the numerous vital issues that the Lone Star State is currently facing.  

Survey says  

The self-proclaimed folk-singing poet and statesman-philosopher is a high-profile figure in Texas. Back in September, both the University of Texas at Tyler and Dallas Morning News conducted a poll. It revealed that 44 percent favored McConaughey, while 35 percent sided with the incumbent Governor Greg Abbott (R). However, he has yet to announce which party he’d be joining if he has decided to run for office.  

Just enjoying the publicity   

With that in mind, the Texas Democratic Party Chairman Gilberto Hinojosa said that McConaughey is just enjoying the publicity he’s been getting adding that it doesn’t work that way. Further, he stated that the 51-year-old actor has to pick sides since, according to Hinojosa, they don’t even know McConaughey’s stance.  

Meanwhile, Texas Politics Project’s Jim Henson at the University of Texas at Austin said that he’s “deeply skeptical” about the actor he has yet to conduct a poll about him (McConaughey). Additionally, Henson highlighted that unless the actor commits, McConaughey won’t be piquing his interest. Henson also said, “If he’s going to do it, he will do everyone a service by not stringing us along.”  

McConaughey’s spokesperson refused to comment this week about whether the actor runs or not.  

The deadline for filing for the March 1 primary is on December 13 as Governor Abbott is running for re-election as this will be his third time doing so.