Teenager Jailed For Terroristic Threat Weeks Ago Faces New Bestiality Charge

A teenager from Central Texas got arrested weeks ago for a terroristic threat charge. Now, he faces another charge concerning bestiality.

KTEM News reported that police found the teenager, Daniel Dakota Weber, 17, engaging in bestiality with a medium-sized mixed-breed dog. Investigators found the incident as they had access to his phone for the terroristic threat charge he made. Accordingly, the incident was not only in one video as police discovered several showing him engaging in the act. Authorities added that the acts have occurred at his parent’s house in New Road Inn, 4000 South Interstate 35.

Teenager Made Terroristic Threats

Weber is detained at the McLennan County Jail, and he was arrested in September. His arrest came after he threatened to commit a “Columbine-style” attack at Lorena High School. KTEM News reported that officials believe Weber created a fake Instagram account then made posts regarding his planned shooting at Lorena High School.

In the posts, Weber included people he wanted to kill, like the principal and specific students. The post added they would kill police officers who got in their way. Further, one of the posts said that C4 bombs would be planted around the school. KWTX quoted Weber in some of the posts, saying, “we won’t stop till that school is a pile of bricks and dead bodies.” It is unclear who he was planning the attack, but he mentioned “a few homies” in his posts.

Teenager Jailed For Terroristic Threat Weeks Ago Faces New Bestiality Charge
Image Credit: 25 News KXXV/YouTube screencap

Authorities Worked With Instagram To Find Culprit

Authorities worked with Instagram to find the phone number associated with the account. Accordingly, it belonged to Weber’s father. Further, Weber’s actual Instagram account followed the fake account he reportedly made. Authorities noted that the information used in the fake account was the same as those used in Weber’s real account.

Because of this, he is held on one charge of terroristic threats, and his bond was set at $10,000. For the bestiality charge, the bond was set at $5,000.

Weber States Reason For Threats Made

No weapons or explosives were found under the custody of Weber during his arrest. Waco Tribune-Herald reported that when authorities interviewed Weber, he said he made the threat because he did not want to go to school. He added that he hoped with the threats he made, classes would be canceled. It is unclear if this is true or if he was indeed planning an attack.