Southeast Texas Health Officials Stress Importance Of Flu Shot To Evade Both Flu, COVID-19

Southeast Texas health officials stressed the importance of getting a flu shot. Per the officials, the flu shot will help the person avoid getting the flu during the upcoming flu season and avoid complications with COVID-19.

The health officials said that although the peak season for flu is November through January, it’s never too early for people to get their flu shot.

Staff Gets Their Flu Shots

12 News reported that the Medical Center of Southeast Texas has already started giving its staff their flu shots. Kristen Voivedich with the Medical Center of Southeast Texas noted that although the flu cases in the area are low right now, it could change if Southeast Texans let their guard down.

12 News quoted Voivedich saying, “We encourage vaccination earlier than later in the season to prevent it sooner, and to prevent complications with possibly COVID as well.”

The Recipe For Low Flu Cases

Voivedich said that last year, the number of flu cases was a record low. She believes that although the flu season would be a challenge to deal with because of the COVID-19 pandemic, she is thankful that many use masks. With masks and people getting their flu shots, she noted this could be a recipe once again so that this flu season will not result in many cases.

Further, Voivedich said that people have to realize that the flu season is still around. She noted that it would be best if people got the COVID-19 vaccine and the flu shot to help prevent the spread of both illnesses in the community.

Visit Drive-In Flu Vaccine Clinics

In Southeast Texas, Port Arthur Health Director Judith Smith said they set up two drive-in flu vaccine clinics in the past two weeks. Many who drove in came to get both their COVID-19 vaccine and their flu shot, so she says it’s promising.

Smith told 12 News that since the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released a statement saying there will be no complications when people get both the COVID-19 vaccine and their flu shot at the same time, many have been willing to get them. Smith added that it’s fortunate no one has reported adverse effects to them yet.