Southbound Roads on Gulf Freeway at Nasa Road Closed after 18-wheeler crash

Following a horrific incident that forced an 18-wheeler vehicle to turn over on the center dividing barrier, multiple lanes of the I-45 Gulf Freeway are closed in both directions.

According to Houston Transtar, three automobiles were involved in the accident shortly after 3:15 p.m. The left shoulder, leftmost lane, and center lane on the southbound side and a left lane on the northbound side are all affected, and luckily no one got killed.

Commuters Should Expect Delays 

As reported by Click 2 Houston during the evening commute, multiple primary lanes, both northbound and southbound, were closed due to the incident.

The area experienced hefty traffic due to peak afternoon rush hours, and there is no exact news on when the wreckage will be cleared. Also, commuters are advised to manage their traffic-related apps to get timely updates about traffic to avoid delays. 

The Importance of Traffic Applications 

Traffic jams caused by accidents during peak hours waste a lot of our time, so it’s critical to stay up to date on current traffic conditions in your area to avoid becoming stranded on the road. Waze and Google Maps, for example, provide real-time traffic updates and even highlight nearby road incidents so you can avoid them.

Nobody enjoys being trapped in traffic, which is why having a traffic app on your smartphone is a must. There is definitely a traffic app for your needs, whether you commute to work every day or plan to rent a car and drive in a congested city or location. Typically, traffic capabilities are integrated into current navigation apps, providing real-time trip time estimates and, in some circumstances, real-time traffic situations and alternate routes.