Son Shot His 72-Year-Old Mother Before Dismembered Her – Documents Reveal

In a murder case in northwest Harris County, Texas, the court documents revealed that a son shot his 72-year-old mother. Later, he dismembered her and stuffed her remains inside a crate.

Robert Barnes, 36, is charged with murder and tampering with a corpse. He faced a judge on Friday regarding the death of his mother, Lucila Barnes. The bond for Robert is $650,000, and when he asked if he could contact his siblings, the judge said no.

Judge Details Gruesome Fate Of Lucila

KHOU reported that the magistrate judge who set the bond of Robert said that the latter confessed he shot his mother multiple times. After shooting her, he mutilated her body so that it could fit inside the crate. When relatives, such as Robert’s sister, went to check on Lucila, he came out with an AK rifle and told them to leave. Later, he also told them that he had taken his mother to the airport to avoid questions on her whereabouts.

Robert tried to tell the officers the same story regarding his mother being away, but he could not say where he dropped her off.

The incident took place last week, and the Harris County Sheriff’s Office noted that they found the victim in the garage of her home. Lucila’s family prompted the police to check on her as they had not heard from her for days. When the officers came, Robert had a firearm on him and was not cooperative with the investigators, so the authorities decided to get a search warrant to check the inside of the house.

When the authorities finally got inside Lucila’s home, they found a lot of blood inside and did not see Lucila. They checked the garage, and Robert confessed that his mother’s remains were inside the crate.

Court Documents Reveal Son Shot His Mother, Dismembered Her, Stuffed Remains Inside Crate
Image Credit: KHOU 11/YouTube screencap

Robert Has History Of Violence

KHOU further reported that Robert has a long history of violence. In 2003, he pleaded guilty to theft of a firearm, and the following year, he was found guilty of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. In 2005, he was convicted of criminal mischief, and in 2016, he was convicted of unlawful restrain for threatening a woman in his truck using a knife. Lastly, in 2019, he was arrested after refusing to leave a hotel despite not paying his bill.

Barnes, a father to an 8-year-old, will appear before a judge on Monday.