Second Body Finally Recovered After Hurricane Pamela Sweeps Their Vehicles Into Creek

Hurricane Pamela caused a lot of damage in some parts of Texas, and a flash flood claimed the lives of a woman and a young girl. The five-year-old girl’s body was recovered immediately after the incident, while the woman’s body was not found as fast as authorities hoped they could.

Days after the incident was the only time they finally found the woman’s body. The two vehicles where the woman and the young girl were at a bridge near San Antonio were swept into a nearby creek.

Where The Woman’s Body Was Recovered

Associated Press reported that authorities from St. Hedwig, Texas, worked to get to the vehicle where the woman’s body is believed to be. The vehicle was in up to 10 feet of water in St. Hedwig per Bexar County Sheriff Javier Salazar.

Associated Press quoted Salazar, saying, “It’s just been a heartbreaking couple of days and an exhausting couple of days. I can’t say it more clearly, stay away from low-water crossings” during heavy rains. Salazar added that they will not remove the vehicles yet, and they will remain in the creek, and authorities will wait for the waters to recede before retrieving the cars.

The area where the devastating incident took place is prone to flash flooding, U.S. News said.

Second Body Finally Recovered After Hurricane Pamela Sweeps Their Vehicles Into Creek
Image Credit: KENS 5: Your San Antonio News Source/YouTube screencap

The Victims Are Relatives

The woman was driving a vehicle where two young children were with her. As for the five-year-old girl was inside a vehicle with two other young children and a man driving the car. The victims, who have not been named, are relatives, and the two drivers were on their way to bring the children to school.

The four other children and the man were rescued and are alive.