School In Nixon, Texas Broken Into During Floods; Laptops, TVs Stolen

A school in Nixon, Texas, was broken into during the floods. During the break-in, the criminals stole several laptops, food, and TVs.

Kens 5 reported that teachers and staff at Union Valley Christian Academy said they feel uneasy as they return to school on Monday. The break-in happened on Thursday, and one teacher saw a man leaving the school through the school’s Ring surveillance video. The teacher alerted the others, and they went to school to check it when they saw that the door was kicked in and split into two pieces.

Videos also showed that the cabinet doors at the school were thrown open, and classroom furniture was scattered. Aside from the Union Valley Christian Academy, the joining church Union Valley Baptist Church was likewise not safe from the robbers.

After seeing what happened, they immediately called the Wilson County Sheriff’s Office.  

School In Nixon, Texas Broken Into During Floods; Laptops, TVs Stolen
Image Credit: KENS 5: Your San Antonio News Source/YouTube screencap

Teacher Expresses Being Heartbroken Over Incident

The teacher who saw a man leaving the school is a kindergarten teacher Dona Ruiz. She told Kens 5 that she became heartbroken when she found out an intruder broke into the school. Ruiz told Kens 5 that she immediately felt violated after the incident. She has been a teacher at the Union Valley Christian Academy for two years, and her daughter also attends the school. She noted that she is also concerned about what they will say to their students to explain what happened.

Kens 5 also quoted Ruiz saying, “They took a child’s sense of safety going to school. And that hurts a lot for a lot of us.” Further, the students had to miss another day of school not because of the weather but because of the stealing and destruction caused by the criminals.

Man In Video Did Not Act Alone

Ruiz and the other teachers believe that the man seen in the surveillance video did not act alone. Also, the items left at the school that the perpetrators did not steal were destroyed. The cost of damage and stolen items are estimated to amount to more than $10,000.

A GoFundMe account was already set up to raise money for the school. Anyone who has information is also encouraged to call Wilson County Sheriff’s Office at 830-393-2535.