Push For Extra $1,400 For Seniors Launched But This Is Not The First Time To Happen — Read Details

The Senior Citizens League, a nonpartisan seniors group established in 1992, launched a petition online asking Congress to give an extra $1,400 stimulus check for the population they are representing. This is not the first time that such a move has been made.

The Petition

The petition to Congress was launched in September on the website of Senior Citizens League and calls for Social Security recipients to receive a $1,400 emergency stimulus check “to cope during this unprecedented inflationary year.”

“Social Security benefits are one of the few types of income in retirement adjusted for inflation,” the petition reads. “But soaring inflation has taken a toll on household finances of retired and disabled Social Security recipients,” it adds.
The petition has till now gathered thousands of signatures, Penn Live Patriot-News reported. The money aims to help Social Security beneficiaries to pay for their groceries, bills, or debts. The Senior Citizens League said that the need for a fourth stimulus check for senior citizens is caused by the increase in gasoline, food, and other items that the population needs to spend on.

Many senior citizens, according to the report, claimed that they had been skipping their meals and medicine to pay for their expenses. The Senior Citizens League said in the petition in part, “Soaring inflation has taken a toll on household finances of retired and disabled Social Security recipients.”

The Stimulus Check In 2009

Back in 2009, during the Great Recession, the economy was in its most prolonged downturn since World War II. During the crises, home prices crashed 30 percent, stocks dropped 47 percent, and the unemployment rate increased from five to 10 percent.

Then-President George W. Bush signed the Economic Stimulus Act of 2008, and it green-lit giving most taxpayers up to $600 each. Those with Social Security benefits were entitled to receive at least $300. The money was received by those eligible only in May of 2009 under the Recovery Act of then-president Barack Obama.

Credit: 11alive.com

Indeed, U.S. consumer prices increased more than five percent compared to last year. Such a level of inflation was last felt in 2008.

The extra $1,400 is being pushed by the Senior Citizens League despite the possible increase of six percent in Social Security benefits for 2022.


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