Protest Rally At Southwest Airlines Headquarters Against Employee Vaccine Mandates In Dallas

A gathering of around 200 people rallying against the COVID-19 vaccine mandate demonstrated outside Southwest Airlines last Monday morning in Dallas headquarters in Texas. It was a mix of Southwest employees, civilians, and prominent people who were against forced vaccination.

A petition was sent via social media calling all “Southwest Cohearts” and the people who consider clinical freedom to participate in a peaceful rally at the side of Denton and Love Field drives.

Rally against Covid-19 Mandate

Participants were urged to convey signs with the messages “End the Mandate,” “Opportunity, not Force,” and “No Jabs for Jobs.” Many were seen at the rally displaying signs and American banners. The rally started at around 8:30 a.m.

The aircraft has said that all representatives should be wholly immunized against COVID-19 by Dec. 8 to stay with the organization. The carrier is taking into consideration clinical or strict exclusions.

Coordinators said they expected to communicate something specific that they were against the vaccine mandate and want to go back to the normal Southwest hospitality where all the employees feel cared for, appreciated, and welcomed, according to the report of the NBC 5 news.

The 63-year-old ground operations employee of Southwest at Houston Hobby Airport, Mr. Thomas McCauley, stated that he might consider retiring if forced to be vaccinated to remain in his job position.

He said that he had already called his financial advisor this week to see if he was eligible for retirement or not. He voiced out that he is not an anti-vaxxer, but he is against forced vaccinations.

As per the Dallas Morning News report, McCauley admitted that he was already examined with an asymptomatic case of COVID-19 last January and it should be enough to have the natural antibodies.

Employees of the major airlines have been warned that they must be vaccinated to follow the White House executive order, which is also applicable for all federal contractors. Airlines like Southwest have contracts to convey federal employees, military and U.S. mail.

Workers at Southwest have been told they have until Nov. 24 to turn in documentation demonstrating they are completely immunized “to proceed with business.” The organization is permitting representatives to petition for an exception for clinical or strict reasons.

Ken Paxton, Texas Attorney General, who also joined the rally against the mandated Covid 19 vaccine, told the WFAA that it is up to the employees to get vaccinated.

He said that people have different health conditions and have different points of view on vaccines. He is strongly against forced vaccination.

However, Dr. James McDeavitt, the leader VP and senior member of clinical issues at Baylor College of Medicine, said getting vaccinated will ensure you. All the more critically, it helps secure the person sitting close to you.

Dr. James McDeavitt said that it all makes sense, especially from his public health perspective. He explained that the virus would spread when people are in a crowded or consumer-facing environment such as hospitals and airlines, where there is direct contact with people, as reported by WFAA.