Police Recover 3-Year-Old Boy Who Went Missing in Texas

The Grimes County Sheriff’s department has successfully found a 3-year-old boy missing since Wednesday alive. Police found Christopher Ramirez on Saturday at 11:15 AM.

Christopher Ramirez was found alive

Christopher was found almost 5 miles from his home, leaving police to think he was just lost in the woods. Search operations were on hold Friday as they waited for any possible tips that could come through 911 or the dispatch center.

Hundreds of volunteers, law enforcement officials, and search organizations have been searching for Christopher for a week. They searched through water tanks and reservoirs. K-9 units were brought in to search the area and drones were used to search from the air.

Christopher went missing while his mother was unloading groceries from her car on Wednesday. The boy went running after his dog out of sight of the adults. The dog returned, but sadly the boy did not.

Christopher was found by Tim Halfin, a church leader in the community. Halfin was walking along a pipeline near the woods when he heard a sound that turned out to be Christopher. The boy was treated for minor scratches and dehydration at a local Houston hospital but home on Monday.