Opinion On Black Lives Matter, Racism: America Must Change

Roger Caldwell, the president and Chief Executive Officer of On Point Media Group, a marketing and public relations firm located in Orlando, Florida, wrote an opinion about Black Lives Matter and racism. His view appeared in The Chronicle.

Caldwell started his opinion by saying that America has a pervasive sickness: white supremacy and systematic racism. He added that this might be invisible to many Americans now because many believe that success has nothing to do with a person’s skin color and because many people of color have become successful. However, racism and white supremacy still exist in subtle ways.

How White Supremacy And Systematic Racism Remains 

In the opinion of Caldwell, he said that white supremacy and systematic racism remain because on many industries and levels, people of color are advancing. Also, there are more children of color being born than white children annually. He believes that white people are concerned because of this.

Caldwell continued to opine, “The Democrats would want Americans to think that in 2021, Republicans are the only party that is racist. But racism is systemic and institutionalized. When white folks get together, there are often the Black jokes and the jokes about how fast Black men can run. Many would think that Black jokes are harmless, and they would never say them in front of their Black friends, but sometimes other words slip out. There is something fundamentally different about being born white, and more doors are opened from the start.”

Opinion On Black Lives Matter, Racism: America Must Change
Image Credit: risingthermals/Flickr

White Privilege And How People Use It 

Caldwell shared in his opinion with The Chronicle that white privilege is a benefit enjoyed by all white folks, and it does not matter if the person is a Democrat or a Republican. As long as a person is white, they will take advantage of all the benefits white people can pull out because of their color.

In his opinion piece, he used police brutality as an example. He believes that the idea of lynching is still connected to police brutality. From 1889 to 1932, there were 3,436 people lynched, and the majority were Black people.

Caldwell Encourages Black People To Fight Back 

To make a change, Caldwell encourages black people to agree on a black agenda. He said that when black people face white supremacy and racism, it is significant that the black community will fight back.