New York Healthcare Worker Fired For Refusing To Take Vaccine

A New York healthcare worker fired for refusing the COVID-19 shot says she wouldn’t take it even if God said ‘you must take this vaccine’

Many healthcare workers in New York got fired last week after the deadline for getting a COVID-19 vaccine expired, and many still refused to get the shot. In an interview, one of these workers said that she would still not get the shot even if God told her to get it.

Who Is This Worker

The healthcare worker at the center of this new report is Karen Roses. She worked at Peconic Bay Medical Center in Riverhead, New York, for three years as a patient care technician.

Roses said that the pandemic has been very exhausting and left medical personnel burned out and hospitals understaffed. Still, they decided to give a vaccine mandate. Roses noted of the mandate, “They come out with the mandate, and they just basically threw us under the bus.” The 64-year-old healthcare worker added that it was callous for the hospitals to terminate their employees without regard for how long they have been employed or whether they refused to get the vaccine because of medical or religious reasons.

Roses also believes that the vaccine mandates, which are not only for healthcare workers, are taking away freedom of choice from the people affected.

New York Healthcare Worker Fired For Refusing To Take Vaccine

Feeling Like A Target

Roses went on to say that unvaccinated healthcare workers are being singled out and are blamed for the ongoing pandemic. The blame, she says, continued despite early suggestions that even vaccinated people can spread COVID-19. She added, “I don’t feel safe in my own country anymore, and that’s really what I think is my strongest feeling. Now I feel like a target.”

She is not an anti-vaxxer, as she made it clear that she had vaccines in the past. Her only reason for not getting the COVID-19 vaccines is that she feels rushed and forced and does not guarantee she will not get COVID-19 or spread it to others. Roses further said, “God could come down and say to me, ‘You must take this vaccine.’ And I’d be like, ‘Sorry, Charlie.’ It’s not something that somebody specifically or a specific group has to tell me it’s safe. My research has to tell me it’s safe. The people that I talk to… I don’t know how to really explain that, but I kind of have to see it for myself.”