Most Texans Believe Greg Abbott Should Not Be Re-elected – Poll Reveals

A poll released by Quinnipiac University reveals a steady downward trend in Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s approval rating among Texan voters.

51% of Texans voters believe that Abbott shouldn’t be re-elected as the Governor of Texas, while 42% think he should still be for the third term, according to the poll.

In a report by The Hill, Texans who believe Abbott doesn’t deserve to be re-elected increased compared to June’s data when a separate poll conducted by the Quinnipiac University showed that 46% of Texas voters support Abbott’s 2022 reelection bid compared to the 48% who does not.

Abbott’s Approval Rating Sunk

The recent figures reveal that Abbott’s approval rating has plummeted below his disapproval rating – which they refer to as “underwater” – a first time since the firm began polling in Texas, according to Quinnipiac.

Voters were also asked in the poll about the governor’s handling over four different issues. Abbott received only one positive score out of the four, which is handling of the economy. 53% approved and 39% disapproved.

But with the other issues, a clear disapproval rate was observed. In handling the situation over the Mexican border, the governor received 43% approval, 46% disapproval.

While for handling the response to the COVD-19 virus, 46% approved, 50% disapproved. For the issue of abortion, 37% approve of how he handles the issue, while 53$ disapprove.

 Voters Are Divided Over Texas’ Direction 

The recent poll also revealed that voters are split if Abbott is taking Texas in the right direction or towards the wrong one.

48% believe that Abbott is taking the Lone Star State in the wrong direction, while 45% say he is in the right direction.

According to Tim Malloy, Quinnipiac University Polling Analyst, most issues surrounding Abbott are not helping his standing with the voters.

“Despite high marks for his handling of the economy, emotional lightning rod issues like policing the border, containing COVID-19, and legislating the right to choose in Texas are not helping Governor Abbott’s standing with the voters.”

Voters were also asked if Abbott would make a good president. 67% said no, only 24% said yes.