Most California Residents Prefer To Move In To This County In Houston, Texas – Study  

It’s Texas or bust for Californians as a recent study is suggestive that the Lone Star State is their go-to place for them to relocate. This has been going on for a few years now and the route between the two states has grown to become one of the busiest in terms of relocating individuals.  

Off to Texas  

Texas has enticed residents from California with the former piquing the interest of 82,000 residents of the latter in just a matter of a year, according to Storage Café. The study also revealed that homes in Texas are 59 percent cheaper than their Golden State counterparts.   

Study shows that Harris County in the City of Houston tops the list of places where Californians prefer to relocate to. Meanwhile, among the California counties, Los Angeles County got the top spot as the place of origin.   

In 2019, Harris County has lured in the most relocators coming from L.A. County with 3,263. This is followed by the counties of San Diego and Riverside with 840 and 698 respectively.   

One of the main reasons why California residents opted to relocate to Texas is the housing cost. The study detailed the 2020 median price difference between a Los Angeles County home and in Harris County amounting to $482,010.   

In line with this, Rice University’s Kinder Institute for Urban Research Director William Fulton said that whenever there’s a surge in housing prices in California, relocation to Texas goes up as well. If housing prices go down, expect the same with migration.  

Elon Musk in Texas  

For the uninitiated, Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk packed his bags and relocated to Texas. Another thing worth noting is that in Texas, there’s no personal income tax compared to California which has the highest income tax imposed on its residents.  

Back in June, Musk tweeted that his home in Boca Chica is a $50,000 house that is near SpaceX’s rocket facility for Starship. As for his electric car company, Tesla is also putting up what is described as its gigafactory in Austin.  

Musk’s girlfriend – the musician Grimes – is said to have also moved in in the Texas capital.