Judge Judy’s bailiff of 25 years axed from new show

A partnership spanning 25 years has come to an end. An arbitration-based reality court show, Judge Judy will have a new bailiff after Judge Judy’s side no longer sees Petri Hawkins Byrd in a new show.

According to Yahoo News, as Judge Judy moves to IMDb TV to start a new courtroom show called Judy Justice, she isn’t taking Byrd along. His place will be handled by a new bailiff named Kevin Rasco.

The new show will air on weekdays starting November 1.
The trailer of the new show has Judge Judy introducing the new cast, including Rasco. Two other new faces also feature law clerk Sarah Rose and court stenographer Whitney Kumar in the trailer.

Though no reason was given for the non-inclusion of Byrd last year, he told a news outlet that he would be honored to partner Judy Judge in the new show.

He has been working with Judge Judy since 1985, first in the New York City court system and later on the TV show, where he stood by her side in 12,500 cases.

Asked how she feels about Byrd, Judge Judy said: “Byrd is a thorough professional who knows how a courtroom should be run. He has a great voice, is a terrific storyteller, and is generous with his time and talent to many worthy organizations.”

Byrd said he was grateful for the time spent with Judge Judy on the show and was looking forward to the next opportunity.

“I got a chance to fulfill a lot of dreams, and it wouldn’t have happened if Judy Judge hadn’t taken me on the show,” Byrd said.