Grand Prairie Police Officer For 22 Years Dies Of COVID-19

A Grand Prairie police officer, who has been in the force for 22 years, died from complications related to COVID-19. The department in which he belongs announced on Monday morning.

The officer is Andy MacDonald, and the Grand Prairie Police said he had been faithfully serving the community since 1999.

MacDonald Dedicated To Community Service

The Dallas Morning News reported that he dedicated most of his time in the department’s Community Service division during his service. He also played an essential role in planning the department’s annual National Night Out celebrations.

The department also called for prayers for MacDonald’s family and his family in the police department he worked at.

His wife survives MacDonald. There are no details regarding how MacDonald contracted the disease and what complications caused his death.

Grand Prairie Police Officer, Who Has Been In The Force For 22 Years, Dies Of COVID-19
Image Credit: CBSDFW/YouTube screencap

Other Police Officers In Texas Die From COVID-19

WFAA shared in their report that many other police officers also died in North Texas because of COVID-19 complications. One of whom is Detective Rodney Mooneyham, 52. He died last weekend after battling COVID-19. Denton Police Department said that he has been with them since November 2010 and received a lot of commendations for his work. Denton police said in a statement that Mooneyham was always smiling and willing to listen to anyone. He also checked on his friends and co-workers regularly.

Another officer died in September, and he is Senior Corporal Arnulfo Pargas. He was with the Dallas Police Department. Also, in September, deputy William “Howard” Gudgell died from COVID-19, as well as Lt. Earnest Oldham, a 29-year veteran with the Plano Police Department.

The fire department also saw deaths among its employees. The fire marshal and director of development and emergency services for Denton County, Roland Asebedo, perished from COVID-19 because of complications. Dallas firefighter David Leos was hospitalized since July and died on Sept. 2.