Gov. Greg Abbott Banning COVID Vaccination Mandates in Texas

G0vernor Greg Abbott has issued an executive order that would do away with any entity, including private companies, from forcing vaccine requirements on employees or customers.

Gov. Greg Abbott is fighting back against Biden’s Covid actions

In a statement, Abbott said that the vaccine is safe and effective. Moreover, the order comes in response to President Joe Biden’s federal vaccine mandate. Abbott called it federal overreach.

Last Month Biden issued his federal mandate that required companies with 100 or more employees to vaccinate or be regularly tested. Moreover, Abbott tested positive for COVID in August while not allowing mask mandates or proof of vaccines in Texas. Texas is now seeing an increase in COVID cases and crowded hospitals.

Other Republican-controlled states are fighting against COVID mandates

Abbott spent the summer banning schools and local governments from requiring masks or vaccines. School districts have begun challenging the order in court. Abbott has said that the order will be rescinded once the legislature passes the bill.

Moreover, other Republican-controlled states have taken similar steps, including Montana, which has passed a bill that bans vaccine requirements by employers. Governor DeSantis in Florida banned businesses from requiring proof of vaccination.

Moreover, Abbott continues to spend his time pushing back against the Biden White House, claiming their imposing vaccine mandates are causing workforce disruptions that hurt Texas’ recovery.

Right now, it’s been reported that 52% of Texas citizens are fully vaccinated against COVID.