‘Fox & Friends’ Hosts Complain Christmas Getting Ruined For Labor Shortage

The hosts of “Fox & Friends” recently talked about how they are convinced that Christmas is ruined. The main talking point of the hosts is there are no people who want to work because of the pandemic, hence many products cannot be manufactured in time for Christmas.

What They Were Saying

The hosts said that a real issue brought about by the pandemic is a massive global supply chain disruption. Steve Doocy started by saying there are not enough people to make the stuff and take it to where they are supposed to be in time for Christmas reports Aproxx.com. He also said that he noticed a shortage in the supply of coffee pods because the ones he likes are always sold out.

Ainsley Earhart said during the segment that the CEO of one of the largest toymaker companies told them, “I’ve been doing it for 43 years, and I’ve never seen it this bad.” She further cited that companies like H&M, Walmart, Bed Bath & Beyond, Nike, and others are also seeing delays.

Later, the other host, Brian Kilmeade, suggested that people be given incentives to get them back to work. Earhart chimed in, saying that people are getting things for free from the government hence the continuous labor shortage in different industries.

It is worth noting that the unemployment benefits from the federal government ended in early September, so there are lesser programs where unemployed people can get financial assistance from.

Credit: twitter.com

Doocy Reasons With The Other Hosts

Doocy tries to reason with Earhart and Kilmeade by saying that the issue with unemployment and disruption in the global supply chain is a problem worldwide and not just in the United States. His statements were, however, dismissed by Earhart and Kilmeade.