Federal Appeals Court Has Allowed Texas To Carry On Banning Most Abortions  

A recent federal appeals court ruling has allowed Texas’ abortion law to stand for the meantime. This blocked United States President Joe Biden’s latest attempt to stop a law deemed the country’s most significant curb to abortion in almost half a century.  

U.S. Supreme Court-bound  

The latest decision is likely to bump the law a bit closer to returning to the U.S. Supreme Court, which previously allowed such restrictions to come into fruition minus the ruling on its constitutionality, according to WREG. The justices have already denied a request blocking the said law before taking effect in September.    

Texas law  

The Texas law bans abortions once a heartbeat is detected, which the Department of Justice sees as unconstitutional for the uninitiated. However, Texan leaders who are in support of the law highlighted that it saves lives.   

The law went into full swing early last month, and since then, Texas women have gone to other states as they have sought out the services of abortion clinics there. Even those drove for several hours just to get there, not to mention that some patients were as young as 12-years-old. Also, it is said that this Texas law makes no exception, even if it’s incest or rape.  

That said, ACLU Reproductive Freedom Project’s Deputy Director Brigitte Amiri is hoping that the justice department urgently appeals such an order to the Supreme Court to bring back Texan’s ability to obtain abortion care after six weeks in pregnancy.  

2-1 vote  

However, in a 2-1 deciding vote, the three-judge panel of the fifth U.S. Circuit of Court of Appeals has granted The Lone Star State’s request to keep the law intact as the court case pushes through. This marks the third time the appeals court has let the restrictions stay and stood by with Texas.  

As for the panel, it was learned that it would hasten the appeal and set a date for its oral arguments, though they did not disclose when it would be.  

Further, the state’s Attorney General’s Office deemed such a verdict as a testament that they’re on the right side of the law and life.