Family Wants Answers After Muslim Texas Man Sitting Inside Car Was Shot Dead By Another Man

A Muslim man was sitting inside his girlfriend’s car in the town of Martindale in Texas. Later, another man allegedly came up to him with a handgun, confronted him, then shot him.

The victim is 31-year-old Adil Dghoughi. His family and friends said the shooting happened more than a week ago, but the police never told them anything and did not make an arrest. This incident occurred on Oct. 11 at around 3 A.M.

Girlfriend, Ex-Wife Speaks Of The Incident

Dghoughi’s girlfriend, Sarah Todd, told The Daily Beast that when Dghoughi left her home at around 3 A.M. on Oct. 11, she did not think much of it because he enjoys late-night drives and would listen to music from his country. Dghoughi is from Morocco, and listening to music from his homeland while going for a drive was a kind of relaxation for him, Todd noted.

Amy, who does not want to have her last name known, is the ex-wife of Dghoughi. She told BuzzFeed News that she often called the Caldwell County Sheriff’s Office, but she only reached someone a few days after her ex-husband’s death. When she got an interview, she told BuzzFeed News that the investigators appeared to ask her questions that would lead to her saying something bad about Dghoughi. The investigators allegedly asked her if he was violent, or if he drank, or if he had ever hit her, and the like. When it was her turn to ask questions about his death and the shooting, the investigators told her they could not give her information as the case was under investigation.

Family Wants Answers After Texas Man Sitting Inside Car Was Shot Dead By Another Man
Image Credit: KXAN/YouTube screencap

Sheriff’s Office Has Not Made An Arrest

Caldwell County Sheriff’s Office did not make an arrest yet despite identifying the person who shot Dghoughi. The Daily Beast reported that at around 3:42 A.M., Dghoughi was transferred to a hospital after he was shot by a white property owner named Terry Turner. The Caldwell County Sheriff’s Office said the shooting occurred after Turner confronted a “suspicious” car parked outside his home. They added that Turner, 65, was cooperative, but they did not arrest him although Dghoughi died of his injuries.

The Caldwell County Sheriff’s Office did not say if there was confrontation or exchange of words between Dghoughi and Turner before the shooting. The family and friends of Dghouhi noted how the police handled the incident raised questions.

Todd further told The Daily Beast that investigators told her the case might have something to do with self-defense. However, the documents obtained by The Daily Beast said Turner was being investigated as a murder suspect. She also noted that by looking at how the car was after the shooting, the bullet holes went through the glass window, so she concluded that Dghoughi had his windows up before the shooting. Also, doctors told Todd a bullet entered his hand, hit his head, and exited out the passenger window, suggesting that he might have had his hands up during the alleged confrontation with Turner.

Family Seeks For Justice

The Daily Beast quoted one of the friends of Dghoughi, Brahim Mellouli, saying, “We just want more information. We just want justice for him.” His family and friends believe that he got lost during his drive and was attempting to look for cell service as the area where he drove was known to have terrible reception. They added that it would be unlike Dghoughi to be aggressive with anyone who might have asked him why he was on their property.

Dghoughi’s family set up a GoFundMe account, which already raised around $34,000 of the $40,000 goal. The money will be used to bring his body back to Morocco. The family also hopes to use the money to hire a private investigator to work on his case.