Family Of Woman Murdered By Husband Will Host 5K Walk, Husband Still On The Run

The family of a woman murdered by her husband will host a 5K walk to remember her a year after she was slain. Her husband, who is wanted for murder, remains on the run.

The victim is Savannah Paschal, and the husband is Trent Vahn Paschal. The person who organized the 5K walk is Savannah’s former employer and her father, Michael Kinchen.

Join The 5K Walk To Remember Savannah

The 5K walk will take place on Oct. 23 at Forest Park East Cemetery at 21620 Gulf Freeway. The event will begin at 8 A.M., but the 5K walk will start at 9:30 A.M. If people want to join the walk to remember Savannah, they can register here: The walk will also help domestic violence victims and the Savannah Paschal Scholarship.

The former employers of Savannah, Brock Bassett, said that they want the 5K walk to be an event that will let people know they are not alone in domestic violence, so they do not have to suffer alone. He told ABC 13 that Savannah constantly helped other people while still alive, but she could not help herself. He also noted that there were signs that Savannah was in danger in the hands of her husband, but when they asked her, she would say everything was fine as she wanted to protect herself and her children.

Family Of Woman Murdered By Husband Will Host 5K Walk To Remember Her, Husband Still On The Run
Image Credit: COURT TV/YouTube screencap

Father Says They Are Constantly On Guard

The father of Savannah said they are constantly on guard and are constantly watching. He added it’d been a challenging year as the anxiety has been high for them.

Savannah got shot to death on Oct. 21 last year, and Trent was charged with her murder. People reported that Trent allegedly waited for Savannah in the bathroom of their master bedroom then shot her. Trent was taken into custody, but he was out on a $550,000 bond. Upon release, he had to wear an ankle monitor, but authorities believe he got it off, but the monitor did not send an alert to the police.

After removing the ankle monitor, police noted he might have gone to a Houston car dealership and taken a black Chevy Tahoe out for a test drive. While driving, he reportedly threatened a salesman and knifepoint and ordered him to leave.

He Uploaded A Video About Savannah

After the death of Savannah, Trent reportedly posted a video on YouTube saying he told his wife not to mess with him and his emotions. He also later apologized to his children, and this was caught on video by a neighbor. The video was later uploaded on YouTube and went viral.