Family Got Evicted After Texas Rent Relief Program Sends Money To Wrong Landlord

A family from Plano, Texas, had to face eviction after the Texas Rent Relief program paid the wrong landlord. The program has a $1.9 billion funding and has helped more than 165,000.

The head of the family, Jared Brown, said that his landlord did not know they applied for the Texas Rent Relief program. Brown was frustrated and anxious after learning of their eviction because the state paid almost $9,000 on his behalf to keep their home. However, that payment went to another landlord.

They Cannot Do Anything About The Eviction

Texas Tribune reported that Brown tried to sell some of his belongings online and pack the rest of their stuff before they were asked to move out in the morning. He noted that the situation was not ideal, but there was nothing they could do. Living with Brown is his wife and their dog, and a few years ago, his uncle, who is 63 and has severe disabilities, also moved in with them.

It’s Been A Tough Year For The Family

Since the pandemic began, Brown lost his job managing a restaurant, and his wife likewise lost her job at a restaurant. Months after the pandemic started, his father died from chronic health issues, so he cared for his mother. Brown has been making extra cash by selling thrift stores and garage sale finds on eBay. The unemployment benefits from the federal government also once helped them with food, gas, medicines, and other necessities. Still, it all became more difficult after the benefits stopped early in September.

Family Got Evicted After Texas Rent Relief Program Sends Money To Wrong Landlord
Image Credit: Texas Department of Housing & Community Affairs/YouTube screencap

They Haven’t Paid Their Rent For A Year

Their rent, however, has not been paid for over a year. Brown said that when the Texas Rent Relief program began in February, he applied immediately. Months later, the state told him they would give his landlord $9,000 to pay rent. Texas Tribune quoted Brown saying, “I thought, OK, I can breathe a little easier, I don’t have to worry about getting evicted next month. I had an eviction notice. The same day the funding was dispersed [by Texas Rent Relief], I got the eviction notice.”

Where Was The Mistake

After the eviction of Brown and his family, the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs looked into the situation. They found a mistake as they sent the money to a landlord based in Austin, which had nothing to do with the home that he was renting. The department is now reviewing how the error occurred and is working on getting the money back. They do not, however, have anything to offer to help Brown and his family now. Brown is no longer eligible for the $9,000 assistance because it only applies to those with existing rental dues and who are still living in the apartment where they have not paid their rent.