Fact Check: Did Thousands Of People Died From COVID-19 Vaccine?

Many websites and social media users use federal government databases to spread false information regarding the COVID-19 vaccine. The misused information talks about thousands of people dying because of the vaccine.

Experts Weigh In On The False Information 

Experts talked to KMOV4 and said that there is no truth to such information being spread. KMOV4’s chief investigator, Lauren Trager, said that they decided to fact-check such information after they received many questions about the supposed information. One of the e-mails they received questioned KMOV4 about why they were not reporting the 14,295 deaths from COVID-19 vaccines. The e-mail also contained a link directed to a website called Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). The website was created in 1990 and allows the public and healthcare providers to report the side effects of vaccines.

With the information provided in VAERS, many took to social media to share the alleged deaths linked to COVID-19 vaccines. Even Fox News’ Tucker Carlson talked about it one time. Trager said that although the public can report deaths after the person they knew got a vaccine, there is no way to be sure that it is because of COVID-19 vaccines.

One of the experts that KMOV4 talked to was Laura Morris. She said in a video obtained by KMOV4, “There is no reason to think that those deaths are actually caused by the vaccine itself. Patients who receive a vaccine may be experiencing cancer, or they might have a car accident. And the death and timing is related, but cause and effect is not.”

Fact Check: Did Thousands Of People Died From COVID-19 Vaccine?
Image Credit: Raed Mansour/Flickr

CDC Will Get To The Bottom Of This 

Trager shared in her report that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) will now go through the data submitted to VAERS and gather more information from medical records and death certificates.

CDC also has information regarding the rare adverse effects of COVID-19 vaccines. Some of them are anaphylaxis, Guillan Barre Syndrome, blood clots from the Johnson & Johnson shots, and other allergic reactions.

The VAERS website also claims around 130 deaths in Missouri among the people who received the COVID-19 vaccines. The Missouri State Health Department said they have no reports of a Missouri resident’s death where the COVID-19 vaccine was the cause.