Everyone involved in WACO Fuzzy Taco Shop shooting arrested

According to the WGNO report, Officers were dispatched at 8:57 PM. after receiving a report of shots fired in the 200 block of South University Parks Drive. They discovered a woman who had been hurt by what turned out to be shrapnel from a gunshot.

Three women were apparently breaking into the automobile of someone they knew in a disagreement over some goods, according to the police investigation.

The Man has Fired a Shot While being Assaulted

FoxNews stated that the car alarm went off as the three women attempted to break in, so the owner dashed in, pulled out a gun, and fired a shot into the area before ordering the three women to leave. The three women, on the other hand, beat up the man and stole his phone.

The man was able to fire several bullets into the sidewalk, striking one of the women with a projectile that soared up. The man was also hit by something flying from the gunshots, and both the man and woman who were hurt were taken to a local hospital for treatment and were found to be uninjured. A handgun and marijuana were found in the car women used as the police further investigated.

The Four Involved were Arrested

The four involved persons have already been charged after the arrest, according to the Waco Police Department.

Austin Cervantez, 24, was charged with dangerous conduct and the discharge of a handgun.
Shynise Franklin, 20, was charged with robbery and motor vehicle burglary.

The driver of the automobile in which the woman came, Ashanti Franklin, was charged with robbery, burglary of a motor vehicle, and possession of a stolen handgun.

Ronniqua Simms, 42, was charged with robbery and motor vehicle burglary.

After the incident in Fuzzy Taco Shop, the authorities are hoping that no related incident will happen again.