European Doctor Still Provides Texas Women With Abortion Pills Despite Law In Limbo

The Texas abortion law that does not allow Texan women to get an abortion once a cardiac activity is detected, around six weeks of pregnancy, remains in limbo. The United States Supreme Court decided that the law would remain in force as they wait to hear the arguments against the law by Nov. 1.

Now, a European doctor said she still plans to provide Texas women with abortion pills. She created an organization that helps women obtain abortion pills.

Providing Abortion Pills To Texas Women Will Continue

The European doctor who plans to continue giving Texas women abortion pills despite the abortion law remaining in force is Dr. Rebecca Gomperts. She is based in Austria and created the organization called Aid Access, KHOU reported.

European Doctor Will Still Provide Texas Women With Abortion Pills Despite Law In Limbo
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Aid Access United States Provider Christie Pitney revealed the plans of Gomperts to continue giving Texas women access to abortion pills through a statement. KHOU quoted Pitney saying, “We have nine U.S. providers who are licensed and serving 18 states, and then, if you’re in any of the other states, Dr. Gomperts is the provider for the other states. We have a unique opportunity with Dr. Gomperts being in Europe that we’re able to provide telehealth abortion to all 50 states.”

Accordingly, abortion pills come from a trustworthy pharmacy in India, and European doctors will provide the prescriptions. The abortion pills, once ordered, will get shipped through the mail.

Aid Access Believes They Are In A Gray Area

Pitney said they could continue mailing the abortion pills no matter what law a state may pass. She noted that since Aid Access is in Europe, it puts them in a gray area to continue providing such care. Pitney added that abortion care is essential healthcare that everyone should have access to. That is why they decided to continue providing that care to Texan women.