Brian Laundrie’s Neighbors Rent Their Lawn Spaces Making Thousands of Dollars a Week

The search continues for America’s most wanted Brian Laundrie after the death of his girlfriend, Gabby Petito. The media will cover the crime as of late that they flock to Laundrie’s home as his neighbors saw this as an opportunity to earn some cash.

The Laundrie coverage

The media coverage is round the clock, to say the least, outside the Laundrie residence when Petito was reported missing back in September. The neighborhood was pretty much congested with journalists’ equipment and vehicles that the police already intervened in and barred them from parking on that spot.

Laundrie’s neighbors earning from their lawn spaces

However, journos have found a way to get around it as they’ve rented parking space from Laundrie’s neighbors. Entertainment website TMZ took snapshots of such a situation as cameras were being put up a few yards on Laundrie’s block.

Nonetheless, as mentioned, the parking space provided by Laundrie’s neighbors to these mediamen does not come free. Reports are suggestive that they are charging as much as $3,500…per week.

TMZ even caught an altercation between Laundrie’s neighbors about a week ago. One of them – 48-year-old Angelo Zappacosta – got arrested by the police and was charged with simple battery and simple assault.

An alleged Laundrie sighting

Meanwhile, as for Laundrie’s whereabouts, recent development suggests that a Tennessee hiker claims that he has seen the fugitive near the Appalachian Trail. When asked by Inside Edition how certain he is, Dennis Davis replied that he “feels a hundred percent certain.” An engineer from Florida, Davis recalled that he was flagged down by whom he believes to be Laundrie in a white pickup truck. He said, “He just kinda sat there and looked for a minute, and I was like geez, this is odd, he’s you know stopped me, but he’s not saying anything.”

The conversation went strange when the man, according to Davis, started to speak things like he’s lost and he and her girlfriend got into a fight adding that she called him (Laundrie) and she told him that she loves him, and he has to get to California to meet up with her. The said encounter happened last week, eight miles south of the town of Hartford, Tennessee.

Davis stated that he directed the man to Interstate 40, which runs 2,500 miles heading to California. Right after the encounter, Davis soon realized that it was Laundrie that he talked to and stated that as soon as he came to that realization, his heart just jumped out of his chest, adding he was certain at that point that it was the wanted man that he had face to face with.

He immediately called 911 soon after.