AG Ken Paxton Establishes New Cold Case and Missing Persons Unit

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is trying to lessen the number of unsolved homicides in the state. He is doing this by creating a new Cold Case and Missing Persons Unit. This team will assist local police, sheriffs and Texas Rangers to solve homicides, missing persons, and other unsolved cases.

Texas looking to solve cold cases

Right now, Texas has currently 19,207 unsolved homicide cases. Paxton said that this team will work to get closure for families around the state. The team’s first case involves missing high school senior Thomas Brown. Moreover, the high school class president and state champion football player went missing five years ago. Police found his remains in January 2019. They ruled that there was no foul play. However, the investigation was suspended because the cause of death could not be determined.

Moreover, this newly established unit works with law enforcement throughout Texas to analyze collected evidence and speak with experts to identify possible leads that could be developed. As the unit gets off the ground, the attorney general’s office is calling on the public with information about the death of Thomas to come forward.

Families deserve closure from these cold cases

Moreover, the Texas Rangers have their own website that lists unsolved homicide cases. The cases list some descriptions of the circumstances surrounding the victims’ deaths. The site lists the victim’s last name, the year their remains were found, gender, and county of residence at the time of their death. Moreover, the Department of Public Safety established the Unidentified Persons Unit in 2007 to aid statewide law enforcement to enter the required information into a database related to missing persons.