A Jail In Texas Incentivizes Its Detainees For Taking COVID-19 Jabs    

A jail in Texas recently introduced a program that would incentivize its detainees, provided that they got jabbed against COVID-19.   

Commissary products  

The Bexar County Adult Detention Center in San Antonio is providing commissary products amounting to $100 to its inmates who will be completing the two-dose COVID-19 vaccine. According to Nexstar, it was also revealed by Bexar County Sheriff Javier Salazar that there are already 1,200 who have taken part in the voluntary program since Friday.  

Bexar County sheriff making it clear   

Salazar made it clear that they are not utilizing taxpayers’ money to fuel such a program, adding that they’re using the institution’s commissary funds. The sheriff added, “They pay into this account. We’re using monies from that account that can be converted to agency use as long as it’s used for the welfare of inmates.” They’re reinvesting the funds into the newly launched program and allowing the detainees to get such an incentive from the commissary funds.   

Further, it was noted that the program is Bexar County Jail’s effort to keep the spread of COVID-19 within the facility in check.  

Salazar explained that detention facilities tend to incubate diseases like COVID-19 if one does not play their cards right. Additionally, the sheriff explained that the virus is without a doubt a spreader since hundreds of individuals come and go to the detention center every day.  

As of late, the Bexar County Jail has a total of 17 inmates who were tested positive for COVID-19. The detention facility currently has 4,400 incarcerated individuals.  

Abbott’s executive order  

Texasbreaking previously reported that Texas Governor Greg Abbott issued an executive order that would ban any entity in the state from imposing COVID-19 vaccine mandates. The governor stated that the order responded to the United States President Joe Biden’s sweeping vaccine mandate and even considered such a move by the head of state to be a federal overreach.  

Despite his belief that COVID-19 vaccines are effective, safe, and the best defense against the disease, Abbott pointed out that the shots should never be forced on anyone and should remain voluntary.