What You Should Do If You Did Not Receive Any Or All Federal Stimulus Checks

The third round of stimulus checks from the federal government is still being rolled out, and if you haven’t received the two prior checks, you can still receive them as part of either your tax credit or tax refund. You can claim such under the Recovery Rebate Credit.

If you must file taxes, you can get the credit by filing your taxes in 2021 for Tax Year 2929. You have until Oct. 15, 2021, to do so. In case you miss the filing deadline, you may still file your tax return so you can get your first and second stimulus checks as long as you do not owe taxes to the government.

If you owe taxes and file late, you may have to pay penalties and fines for not filing on time or paying your dues. If this happens, the government has the power to reduce your claim for the first and second stimulus checks to pay for the taxes you owe or other federal and state debts.

If you are not required to file taxes, you may still claim your third stimulus check under the Recovery Rebate Credit. Just go to GetCTC.org and know that you may use it even if you are not signing up for the Child Tax Credit advance payments. Once you submitted your information or filed your taxes through GetCTC.org, you will receive your third stimulus check to your bank account or be sent separately from your tax refund.

You may likewise go to the IRS Non-filer Portal to claim your Recovery Rebate Credit. You may, however, only use this portal if you are not required to file a 2020 tax return.

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If you want to claim your Recovery Rebate Credit when filing your tax return, you may do so if your income is under $72,000. When this is the situation, you can use the IRS Free File to prepare your files and your federal income taxes online without any fee. If you earn less than $56,000, you can use the IRS VITA Locator tool or AARP Foundation Tax-Aide to find a free tax site near you. If you received at least one from the stimulus checks issued, you must provide information on the amount you received. If you did not receive one or both checks, you have to answer some questions to confirm your eligibility.

You will most likely receive your Recovery Rebate Credit within three weeks if you used the Non-filer portal. If you mail your information and documents, you will most likely receive your refund in at least eight weeks.

To ensure that you never received federal stimulus checks, you have to review the notices that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) mailed to you or your bank statements to ensure that you did not receive any amount from the federal stimulus checks. For example, if you received IRS Notice 1444, it shows that you received the first stimulus check.

If you received IRS Notice 1444-B, it represents the second stimulus check. For your bank statements, check for the code IRS TREAS 310 as this represents the federal stimulus checks deposited directly to your bank.