Surveys Show Unvaccinated Workers Would Quit Rather Than Get Vaccinated – Is It Really Happening Now?

A survey funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation in June found that of the 1,036 sample population, almost 50 percent people said they would rather quit their job than follow a vaccine mandate by their employers.

The respondents were asked what they would do if their employer required vaccines, and they were given different choices. The respondents could then choose as many options as they wanted.

At least 16 percent of people said they would quit or start looking for another job or both if their employer imposed a vaccine mandate. As for almost a quarter of the respondents, who said they are vaccine-hesitant, 48 percent said they would quit or look for another job, FIERCE Healthcare reported.

How many employees actually quit 

Kaiser Family Foundation conducted another poll. In this survey, 50 percent said they would quit if a vaccine mandate was enforced at their workplace. These results from different surveys reflected in some real instances when people left their work because of a vaccine mandate.

For instance, a hospital in Lowville, New York, had to shut down its maternity ward because many staff left their jobs when they were asked to get vaccinated. Also, 125 employees at Indiana University Health resigned after they refused to get a vaccine.

What is the current situation?

New data suggests that although many said they would quit their jobs because of vaccine mandates in the different polls they answered, a lesser population committed to that. For instance, Houston Methodist Hospital required its 25,000 workers to get vaccinated by June 7. Before the mandate, 15 percent had already been vaccinated. Of those who did not get vaccinated, 285 were granted medical or religious exemptions, 332 were allowed to defer it, and only 153 were fired or resigned.

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At Jewish Home Family in Rockleigh, New Jersey, only five of the 527 workers resigned after a vaccine mandate was imposed. Delta Airlines did not have a vaccine mandate but asked workers to pay a $200 monthly health insurance if they were not vaccinated. After putting this policy in place, less than 2 percent of its workers resigned.

At Indiana University Health, only 125 workers quit out of 35,800 employees.

Fauci’s new warning

Recently, the U.S. top infectious disease expert, Dr. Anthony Fauci, said the country could be facing another “dark winter,” but this can be avoided if Americans get vaccinated to a “very high degree.”

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