Student’s Family, Civil Rights Group Demand Answers from HISD After Brutal Attack On Teen At Sterling High School

The family of the student who suffered a brutal attack in school, along with several civil rights groups is demanding for the school as well as the Houston Independent School District (HISD) to provide explanations regarding the incident, according to a media report.

Photo credit: ABC13

The brutal attack on Juan Martinez Jr. at the cafeteria of Houston Sterling High School on August 24 was recorded on cam, prompting the attention of the civil rights groups, ABC 13 reported.

Houston’s FIEL, a civil rights organization, said that the school did not provide a safe environment as the involved were allegedly allowed back to school almost immediately while the victim of the assault is still experiencing trauma and physical injury.

Photo credit: Daily Advent

According to FIEL Executive Director Cesar Espinosa, the victim suffered injuries in the head and the leg.

“He did suffer injuries to his head and from the stomping, he did suffer injuries to his leg, which caused him, still to this day, caused him not to walk properly,” Espinosa said.

He also said, “We’re calling for clarity and accountability from Sterling High School, as well as the Houston Independent School District, as well as all parties involved so that this family may get the resolve they deserve at the end of the day.”

The boy’s father, Juan Martinez Sr., said it was hard for him to watch the video, as it made him wish he was there to protect his son.

He also shared that the hits his son took from the attackers gave him dizzy spells. He seems to believe that the beatings may have had an effect on the recovering surgery he went through when his son was younger.

Martinez’s family is now looking to take legal action against the boys who attacked his son.

Meanwhile, the news said that Martinez’s medical bills are now more than $15,000. FIEL plans to start a GoFundMe page to help with the medical fees.

No other information was released as the incident involved juveniles, the report said.

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