Stimulus Check Update: Petition For $2,000 Recurring Monthly Checks Reaches 2.9 Million Signatures

The petition that is asking Congress to provide for $2,000 recurring monthly checks for those eligible has already reached almost 2.9 million signatures. The latest number is shy of just a few signatures away to complete its 3 million signatures goal.

The petition was launched by a Denver restaurant owner, Stephanie Bonin, last year. Bonin wrote in the petition, “I’m calling on Congress to support families with a $2,000 payment for adults and a $1,000 payment for kids immediately, and continuing regular checks for the duration of the crisis.”


In the latest update in the petition, Bonin said that the recovery in the United States from the blows brought about by the pandemic had not reached many Americans.

Bonin also pointed out, “The true unemployment rate for low-wage workers is estimated at over 20% and many people face large debts from last year for things like utilities, rent, and child care.” According to reports, one of the reasons why the recovery has been slow, and many remain unemployed is because employers face the difficulty of finding willing workers even if job openings are abundant. Employees’ fear of jumping back to work is because of the Delta variant, which is more transmissible than other COVID-19 variants.

There is no word yet if this petition will make any difference. Democratic lawmakers, however, are pushing for the recurring monthly check for those they will identify as eligible.

Minnesota Representative Ilhan Omar, a Democrat, passed a legislation proposing a five-year pilot program. In this program, adults earning under $75,000 will get a $1,200 monthly benefit. If the person has a dependent child, they get $600 per eligible child. The bill received support from other Democratic lawmakers, but the Biden administration did not show interest in pushing such a bill through.

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