MSNBC Host Brian Williams Accuses DeSantis, Abbott of ‘Mismanagement,’ ‘Ghoulish Denialism’ Amid Pandemic

MSNBC host Brian Williams has explicitly criticized Republican Governor Greg Abbott of Texas and Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida for “mismanagement and ghoulish denialism” amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Photo credit: Newsweek

In the latest edition of The 11th Hour With Brian Williams, the TV host had been discussing immigration at the Southern border when he said that the two Republican governors are likely using the border issues as a distraction from the pandemic.

According to Williams, “Governor Abbott, like DeSantis in Florida, would rather talk about anything other than the rising death tolls stemming from mismanagement and ghoulish denialism during a pandemic.”

Williams’ remarks towards the GOP governors coincide with the Democrats’ continuous criticism about how the Republicans deal with the onslaught of COVID-19 cases in both Texas and Florida.

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Both DeSantis and Abbott have issued threats and penalties regarding the imposition of vaccine mandates and masks on their constituents. DeSantis had previously threatened local governments in Florida with fines if they try to impose vaccine mandates, while Abbott issued an executive order levying penalties on Texas local officials who initiate mask mandates.

He also said that the two were selective about who to please, and accused them both of following what could have been former President Trump’s style of leadership.

“Both men, both governors, face tough reelection campaigns. Both men just want to be loved by Donald Trump and the people who love him.”

Meanwhile, Biden expressed his thought on the issue in a tweet, saying that the GOP governors are playing politics with the lives of their constituents on the balance.

“Republican governors in states like Texas and Florida are doing everything they can to undermine the public health requirements that keep people safe. They’re playing politics with the lives of their citizens, especially children. I refuse to give in to it.”