Man Gunned Down Near Car At North Harris County Apartments

A 21-year-old Hispanic man was recently found dead near his car at the parking lot of an apartment complex in north Harris County, authorities said.

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According to the officials, “An adult male was found with an apparent gunshot wound.” The victim sustained multiple gunshot wounds. Two or three neighbors tried to save him, but he “was pronounced deceased by EMS on the scene.”

The investigators said that they received reports that multiple shots were fired in the 100 block of Hollow Tree Lane just before 7 a.m. They found the body next to a newer model blue Ford Mustang, reported.

The deputies from the Harris County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO) said that during the investigation, they found that the victim had passed a woman on the stairs of the apartment complex, while he was on his way to his car. Apparently, when the woman reached the door to her apartment, she heard multiple gunshots.

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Photo credit: ABC13

Another neighbor, Andre Green, said that he was getting up when he heard what he described as “loud pops” that sounded like “they were real close” while he was getting up.

“When I came out, I seen (sic) him, people over here, giving CPR to the young man in the blue Charger,” said Green. “When you hear that close and that many, you fear someone’s going to die or not and today, tragically, somebody did die.”

Lt. Robert Minchew of HCSO Homicide said in a news conference that “there was (sic) no signs of an altercation or a fight or anything like that” at the scene. They believed that “someone was either waiting for him due to the timing of when he got downstairs.”

The victim lived at the complex with a relative.

Police are focusing their investigation on the victim’s background as well as the vehicle that was seen at the complex at the time of the shooting – an older, ’90s model Honda that could be an Accord or Prelude or something similar in a boxy style in a gray or similar color.

The authorities also said that a witness had seen the said vehicle try to leave the complex, but when it couldn’t get out of the gate, it turned around and left another way.

Police are also seeking the help of the public in finding the person responsible for the fatal shooting. They are asking the public to call Crime Stoppers or the Harris County Sheriff’s Office for any information that would help solve the case.