Kamala Harris Gets Questioned Following Remarks On ‘Protecting The Vaccinated’

Vice President Kamala Harris is being questioned regarding her Sunday Twitter post in which she said that “protecting the vaccinated” is just one of the many ways to end the COVID-19 pandemic.

Photo credit: Fox News

The statement made netizens wonder what Harris meant by her statement.

Harris tweeted: “By vaccinating the unvaccinated, increasing our testing and masking, and protecting the vaccinated, we can end this pandemic. That’s exactly what we are committed to doing.”

Her statement fuelled what seems to be widespread confusion over vaccine rhetoric from the Biden administration. As the push for more vaccinations and testings worsened, Harris’ statement calling to “protect the vaccinated” also became a common talking point, with some people slamming the Biden administration, Fox News reported.

Photo credit: WHYY

Fox News contributor Joe Concha said that Harris’ statement regarding “protecting the vaccinated” is an odd argument.” He said that the statement is odd “since the vaccinated are already, you know, vaccinated. And the vaccine works in keeping one out of the hospital 99.99 percent of the time per the data.”

The confusion and criticism regarding the rhetoric seem to stem from the belief that the vaccines are already providing strong protection for those who’ve gotten vaxxed.

Former Trump administration staffer Kyle Hooten questioned Harris by saying, “Why do you need to protect the vaccinated? Doesn’t the vax do that?”

Another contributor from Fox News, Kate Pavlich, had even gone as far as calling Harris’ message “bizarre.” She thinks that the Biden administration, through statements like that of Harris’,  appears to be “taking credit for something… [that] the vaccine is supposed to do.”

Another Twitter reply to Harris’ post, posted by Joe Cunningham (@JoePCunningham) questions the purpose of the vaccine, if not to protect the people. He said, “If being vaccinated is not protecting the vaccinated, then what the hell is it even for?”