Dallas County Records 10 Deaths, 3, 872 COVID-19 Cases In 3 Days

As hospitalizations of COVID-19 patients continue to rise in North Texas, Dallas County on Tuesday recorded 10 coronavirus deaths and 3, 872 new cases, including infections during the weekend.

UT Southwestern Medical Center released a forecast Monday that Dallas and Tarrant counties will most probably exceed hospitalization records come mid-September.

On Tuesday, Dallas Count reported 996 hospitalizations, about eight times as many patients from two months ago. While in Collin County, hospitalizations are almost as high as the January hospitalizations, Dallas News reported.

Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins in a written statement said, “Given the increased transmissibility of the delta variant, the use of COVID-19 prevention strategies are much more important now, including vaccination, masking, physical distance, and testing.”

He also added that if everybody does their part for the good of the community, then they’ll be able to beat COVID-19.

Credits: dallasnews.com

In the recent cases reported in Dallas County, 3, 286 were confirmed while 586 were probable. The total cases in the county now stand at 352, 740 of which 301, 575 are confirmed while 51, 165 are probable cases. The total death toll has reached 4, 332.

The average number of new daily coronavirus cases in Dallas in the last two weeks is 1, 230. For the last 14 days, the average was 1, 120.

According to the state, 1,483,261 people in Dallas County have received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine, while 1,229,900 — 56.4% of the county’s population 12 and older — are fully vaccinated.

The release of updated coronavirus data is released on Tuesdays, including data from the weekends.


In Texas, 28,749 cases were recorded Tuesday. Of the total number, 28,245 are new cases, while 504 are older cases recently reported by laboratories.

The state also reported 231 new coronavirus deaths, taking the total death toll to 55,635.

Of the 28,749 new cases, 22,746 were confirmed while 5,499 were probable. From the older cases, 273 were confirmed, and 231 were probable.

Texas’ total cases reached 3,590,156 of which 3,022,678 were confirmed and 576,478 were probable.

There are 13,878 hospitalizations in the state, including 3,376 in North Texas.

Texas has now 16,453,394 constituents who have received at least one dose of the vaccine while 13,717,681 or 57% of the state’s population in the 12 and older group are fully vaccinated.


 On Tuesday, Tarrant County reported additional 12 deaths and 804 new coronavirus cases.

Of the 804 new cases, 730 were confirmed and 74 were probable. The county’s total case count stood at 304,310 out of which 253, 850 were confirmed and 50, 460 were probable. The county’s total death toll is 3,859.

Tarrant County also reported that 1, 100 people were hospitalized due to COVID-19.

As per Tarrant County’s report, there are already 1,105,973 people who already received at least the first dose of the vaccine while 54.4% or 946,626 of the county’s population 12 and older are already fully vaccinated.


Collin County reported additional three deaths and 486 new COVID19 cases Tuesday. At least 367 were confirmed and 119 were probable.

The total county’s case tally stands at 109,432. Of the total cases, 89,688 were confirmed and 19,744 were probable. The death toll is 903.

Collin County also reported that 553 were hospitalized, close to the county’s record high of 575 hospitalizations.

According to the state, there are already 658, 183 people who received the first dose of the vaccine while 574, 814 or 66.4% of the county’s population 12 and older are now fully immunized.


In Denton County, there are 459 new cases reported on Tuesday but no new deaths were recorded. Of the 89,374 cases in the county, 65,234 were confirmed, 24,140 were probable. The number of deaths is now at 659.

The county also reported that there were 190 people hospitalized with the virus.

According to the state, a total of 514,660 are already vaccinated with at least the first dose of the vaccine. At least 454,225 or 60.5% of the county’s population 12 and older are already fully vaccinated.


 The Texas Department of State Health Services took over reporting for the following North Texas Counties. Some counties may not have the full report every day.

Latest numbers are:

  • Rockwall County: 14,375 cases (11,296 confirmed and 3,079 probable), 170 deaths.
  • Kaufman County: 19,627 cases (16,024 confirmed and 3,603 probable), 299 deaths.
  • Ellis County: 26,996 cases (21,800 confirmed and 5,196 probable), 350 deaths.
  • Johnson County: 23,048 cases (19,243 confirmed and 3,805 probable), 416 deaths.