Central Texas Firefighters Fight Together Against Fire Razing Dana Park Peak Area

Firefighters from Bell County and the Texas A&M Forest Service converged on Sunday to battle it out with the fire razing the Dana Peak Park area and the neighboring homes.

Photo credit: KWTX

Fire breaks out in Dana Park Peak and surrounding areas

According to the reports, the 68-acre fire was reported around noon on Sunday. It allegedly started on Dana Park Peak before it gained intensity, jumped Comanche Road, and spread into the nearby subdivision, The Ridge.

The firefighters from the different fire departments converged on Still House Hollow Lake to contain the fire.

Sunday evening update on the state of the fire on Dana Park Peak

By Sunday evening, about 75 percent of the fire has been extinguished, said Bell County Spokesperson Victoria Wenkman in a statement.

Meanwhile, Harker Heights Fire Department Chief Paul Sims also said that the huge blaze had threatened four to six homes in its path, but the firefighters worked to knock the fire off. He also shared that as of Sunday evening, no injuries or damage to properties or structures were reported from the incident.

He said, “There were four to six homes that were directly in the path of the fire but the teams responded quickly and were able to knock the fire down and that helped contain it.”

Photo credit: CNN

The occupants of the homes in the direct path of the fire have also been allowed back into their homes by evening.

Nevertheless, Wenkman said that the crews will be staying around to improve the containment and finish mopping up the operation.

“Crews will stay on scene until late tonight improving containment lines. Crews will return tomorrow morning to conduct mop up operations,” Wenkman shared.

An official also said that the Starlight Flight Company has been doing “bucket drops” and will continue to do so to extinguish what remains of the fire.

Source: https://www.kwtx.com/2021/09/26/central-texas-firefighters-battle-huge-blaze-area-water-reservoir/