Another Outbreak Hits US And It Is Not COVID-19; Spreads Across 29 States

A salmonella outbreak was first reported in the United States on Sept. 22. Initially, it only affected 25 states in the country but according to the latest update by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the outbreak has already spread to 29 U.S. states.

Food Source For Outbreak Still Unknown

The outbreak’s source remains unknown, but the CDC said it is working to find the food source that caused this. The outbreak already infected around 280 people. Of those ill with salmonella, more than two dozen have been hospitalized because of the severity of their conditions. Fortunately, there has been no death recorded associated with the outbreak as per the CDC, Fox News reported.

CDC added that local officials are collecting and testing food items from restaurants where those infected ate before they contracted the disease. Officials found a strain of salmonella oranienburg in a takeout condiment cup that had cilantro, lime, and onions. Because of the food items inside the container, it was difficult to pinpoint the source.

The CDC shared, “Because multiple food items were present in the container and in the sample that was tested, it is not possible to know which food item was contaminated.” Officials are now using such information “in conjunction with other available information” to hopefully narrow the list of possible food sources that caused the salmonella outbreak.


States With The Highest Number Of Cases

Texas was one of the hardest-hit states as it has reported 81 illnesses. Illinois comes in second with 23 cases, while Virginia comes in third with 22 reported cases. Minnesota has 19 cases, and Massachusetts has 10 infections, USA Today reported.

The CDC noted that the recorded cases might not be accurate because many people recover from the illness without medical care or being tested for salmonella. To ensure a more accurate picture, the CDC said that local officials in different states are now collecting data as part of the multistate investigation concerning the salmonella outbreak.

Most people infected with the bacteria suffer from diarrhea, fever, and stomach cramps.