5-Year-Old Girl From Texas Goes Viral After Seeing Mom’s Passport

A 5-year-old from Texas has gone viral after getting caught on cam sobbing when she found her mom’s passport.

The now-viral video was posted on Twitter by a Houston mother named Shaakira Brandon, who said that she shouldn’t have let her daughter watch MIB, the 1997 “Men in Black” movie, starring Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith.

Photo credit: KSAT

“Shoulda never let her watch ‘MIB’ (”Men In Black),” Brandon wrote in the caption.

The video featured little Nala-Joye who uncontrollably wailed upon seeing her mother’s passport. She was caught on cam while pointing at a photo of Earth in her mother’s passport. When her mother asked what it meant, the little girl cried saying that her mother is an alien.

During the exchange, the mother asked her daughter, “What do you think that means?”

“That you’re an alien,” the little girl replied through tears, accusing her mother of being an alien.

“You think that means I’m an alien?” Brandon asks.

Brandon then explained that the passport merely listed the places she has traveled to on Earth, but Nala-Joye was not convinced. Apparently, she saw similar passport-like paperwork in the movie when the aliens visited the Earth.

“You scared of Mommy now?” Brandon asks. “Come here.”

The child merely continued crying before going off-camera.

The video has since gained over 2.6 million views on Twitter.

The viral post made by a Houston mother  featuring her daughter, little Nala-Joye, in a video accusing her mother of being an alien after watching the 1997 movie “Men in Black.” The post got a reply from the screenwriter of the first MIB edition, Ed Solomon. Photo credit: Twitter/KiraJ.

Meanwhile, Ed Solomon, the screenwriter for the first “Men In Black” film also saw the viral video. He tried to comfort the child as he posted a reply saying, “My bad. I’m sorry.”

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