46 Most Romantic Getaways In United States For Couples, Including Lake Tahoe In California

Every couple’s bucket list should include a trip to the United States, which is a wonderful country loaded with amazing places.

If you don’t already have a bucket list for the U.S., make one today. Out of all of that, the country offers so many possibilities for romantic getaways that we decided to work with seasoned travelers to compile a list of ideal vacation destinations around America—including cities, beaches, national parks, and everything in between.

This blog post has been split into areas to make it easier to read and navigate. We hope this is useful. Sip your favorite wine, chill out and enjoy this selection as you prepare your next romantic trip in the United States.

Most Romantic Getaways in the United States

Enjoy the romance and enchantment of these romantic vacations in the United States.

Fredericksburg, Texas

Located right in the heart of Central Texas, Fredericksburg is a charming German enclave and one of the most romantic places in the United States for couples. Not only does the town have outstanding wine tasting facilities, but the surrounding area is brimming with award-winning vineyards, particularly along the renowned Wine Trail, which runs through the city. With a glass of wine in hand, nothing is more romantic than gazing out at the sweeping landscapes of the Texas Wine Country with your significant other. And there’s so much more that can be done to learn about this particular location in Fredericksburg’s history! There are numerous romantic cabins in Fredericksburg, many of which include hot tubs, which are excellent for couples’ getaways. Lastly, keep in mind that Fredericksburg is not just a charming German town in Texas, but it’s also a great weekend escape from Dallas!

Savannah, Georgia

As a romantic trip in the United States, Savannah is the ideal location with its Spanish moss, gorgeous squares, and attractive architecture. If you want to get the most out of Savannah, plan on spending at least three days there. Taking a romantic stroll around Savannah’s Historic District and stopping for a picnic lunch in Forsyth Park is ideal. Why should you visit the Historic District? During your stroll, you can have an alcoholic beverage that you can take with you. Make reservations at The Olde Pink House, one of the city’s top restaurants, for a romantic dinner date. Reap the benefits of the basement bar’s drinks before traveling upstairs to dine on Southern favorites like fried chicken and collard greens, which are available for a little surcharge.

What to do after dinner? A ghost tour!

Some believe that Savannah, Georgia, is one of the country’s most haunted cities.

Dallas, Texas 

A lot of people don’t realize that Dallas is one of the most romantic cities in the country. There are plenty of romantic activities to do in Dallas, whether you’re here for a day or a weekend. Everyone in Dallas may enjoy the city’s many attractions, from mural-hunting and wine-drinking to a spa treatment for two people. DMA, the Dallas Museum of Art, is the perfect place to elevate your date night. Every Friday, DMA’s doors remain open till the wee hours of the morning. Visit the museum bar for a fun date idea. There’s nothing better than a steakhouse in the city when it comes to cuisine. Think about Town Hearth as an example, where you’ll get enormous servings and excellent flavor. You can’t improve your relationship better than by sharing a delicious meal. Then, you may take a romantic road trip from Dallas. Texan communities and bluebonnet fields are aplenty in this state. Consider these Texas road trip suggestions.

Eureka Springs, Arkansas 

When it comes to romantic getaways, Eureka Springs has you covered with its colorful mountain town beside a gorgeous lake. Consider checking an online events calendar before making a reservation. Many people go to popular local events, which draw big audiences. Although they’re fun for a single trip, they’re a little light on romance. With so many options to choose from, finding the perfect romantic getaway is no problem at all. Explore the local art galleries and boutique boutiques by meandering along its stone streets. In addition, don’t forget to see the famous Crescent Hotel. Enjoy a couple’s massage at the New Moon Spa after a stroll around the grounds. If you’re in the mood for some romance, Ermilio’s is the place to go.

The Grotto Wood Fire Grill is also a great option if you’re looking for something special. Guests at this romantic restaurant enjoy a mouth-watering dinner in a gorgeous cave while enjoying their meal. Eureka Springs is surrounded by magnificent natural beauty, so don’t forget to explore it! 12 miles from town, Beaver Lake is worth the journey. Boats may be rented in town at Starkey Marina and kayaks from Float in town. A nightcap at The Stone House wine bar will cap off an exquisite romantic trip in the United States.

Washington, D.C. 

While you may not think of Washington, D.C. as a romantic vacation in the United States, there are plenty of romantic spots and excellent restaurants to choose from. Washington, D.C. is a city rich in American history, making it a great place to spend a weekend or a week. When you’re in Washington, DC, one of the most romantic things you can do is go shopping with your special someone in Georgetown! Consider eating at either Barcelona Wine Bar or Filomena Ristorante, and then watching a performance at the Kennedy Center. Locals love picnicking on the National Mall with a bottle of wine and soaking in the views of the city’s landmarks on their free days.

The Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History is a popular museum to visit after lunch, before dining at culinary favorites like Founding Farmers or Zaytinya. The Cherry Blossom Festival is a must-see event in Tokyo! You can see several of D.C.’s monuments from the tidal basin’s pink and white haze when the cherry trees are in full bloom. D.C.’s City Center is the perfect place to end your day with some shopping or food.

New Orleans, Louisiana 

An American romantic getaway in New Orleans is ideal. You can’t find a place like it anywhere else. Visit Bourbon Street, where you’ll find dozens of bars, restaurants, and live music venues for you and your friends to enjoy. It’s legal in New Orleans to drink in public on the street, so the entire street comes alive. Go to Frenchman Street at night for great live music and trendy bars for a more laid-back experience. Check out the local art, jewelry, and more at the night market. Why not compare beignets from Cafe du Monde with Cafe Beignet? There’s a lot to like about Cajun food and it’s wonderful. Jambalaya, po’boys, and crawfish must be consumed.

The architecture and history are also worth seeing. A visit to a cemetery will teach you more about New Orleans’ unique heritage, including Voodoo. If you have the time, consider taking a bayou tour to see some alligators up close, or a plantation tour to learn about Louisiana’s history. On and on we could go on about all of the wonderful things to do in New Orleans! Nola is the ideal romantic getaway in the United States!

Asheville, North Carolina 

In the United States, Asheville, North Carolina, is a great location for couples seeking a romantic weekend. Nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains, this charming town has plenty to offer couples, from gorgeous sunsets to romantic restaurants. Couples can enjoy a wide range of outdoor activities in the mountains around Asheville. The romantically titled Bridal Veil Falls Hike is one of the many waterfall hikes in the region. Pack a picnic lunch, a bottle of local wine, and some chocolates to savor as you enjoy the view.

When in Asheville, you can’t go to Asheville without stopping at the Biltmore Estate. The 250-room mansion may be toured on foot, or enjoy a romantic stroll through the beautiful grounds. Couples may also enjoy complimentary wine tastings at the hotel’s on-site winery. In the heart of Asheville, known as The Paris of the South, you’ll find a charming combination of stunning buildings, shopping, and restaurants. Take a tour of one of the numerous breweries situated downtown to start your day off well! Choose an art item to remember your romantic weekend by exploring the downtown galleries. Asheville is the perfect place for a romantic night out.

A romantic dinner at Posana in downtown Asheville uses locally grown ingredients in their enhanced southern cuisine. Enjoy a beverage at one of the rooftop bars to round off your romantic evening.

Saint Augustine, Florida 

Streets that date back to antiquity. This is a striking building. There are several beautiful beaches in the world. As far as romantic getaways go, Saint Augustine, Florida is a top contender. A romantic getaway to Saint Augustine is a must while you’re in the country’s oldest city. When it comes to spending quality time with your partner, Saint Augustine is the place to be.

Consider visiting some historical places such as Castillo San Marco for a day trip. Then, travel to the beach or one of the local state parks to cool off and relax. Be sure to take a ghost tour before you depart the city! With its long history, Saint Augustine has no shortage of scary spots. Any way you look at it, Saint Augustine is a great romantic vacation destination in the United States. 

St Simons Island, Georgia

St. Simons Island, Georgia, is considered one of the most romantic destinations in the United States, with its white-sand beaches and Spanish moss-draped live oak trees. One of Georgia’s golden isles has a stringent construction regulation with height restrictions to protect the natural beauty of this location. It’s possible to have a romantic picnic for two on a beach or in a park, which is perfect for couples. Rented bicycles may be used to slow down and explore the island on routes that weave between the live oak trees.

Antiques and seaside relics may be found in the island’s charming retail areas. Experience panoramic views of coastal Georgia by climbing the St. Simons Lighthouse, or stroll through Christ Church’s grounds for a look at its history. This is the perfect way to end an exciting day of sightseeing. In addition to the many locally-owned eateries on St. Simons Island, there are two that are particularly romantic. The Georgia Sea Grill, which has a gentle seaside atmosphere, provides creative meals made using locally sourced products. Echo, the beachside restaurant of the King and Prince Resort, delivers low country fare with a unique twist. If you’re looking for a romantic supper, book a table outside shortly before dusk. You can understand why St. Simons Island is regarded as one of the most romantic places in America with its historic charm, calm pace, and stunning sea vistas.

Key West, Florida 

Located 90 miles from Cuba, Key West, the last of the Florida Keys, is a unique and romantic isolated island that is ideal for a weekend vacation from Miami. In all honesty, it has everything it takes to be one of the most romantic destinations in the United States. As a result of the island’s laid-back attitude and stunning ocean vistas, Key West is unlike any other place in the world. By itself, the trip to Key West is a treat: the ‘Overseas Highway,’ one of the most magnificent drives in America, connects Key West to the rest of the United States. Smathers Beach, the Butterfly and Nature Conservatory, snorkeling with dolphins, or even taking a ferry to Dry Tortugas National Park are some of the most romantic activities you can do in Key West. This island is one of the greatest snorkeling spots in the country, and the turquoise sea makes it feel like a tropical paradise.

At Santiago’s Bodega, you can’t go wrong with the Spanish tapas and ‘Better than Sx’, an award-winning dessert café. There is dark, intimate lighting in both venues that makes them ideal for a date.

Beaufort, South Carolina 

There’s no better place to take your sweetheart than Beaufort, South Carolina. History-rich Beaufort is one of the most romantic cities in the United States, because of its warmth, friendliness, history, and natural beauty. History gives the 304-acre Historic District of this city character and charm. While strolling around Henry C. Chambers Waterfront Park, hold hands and watch the boats enter the marina. Boutiques, antique stores, and art galleries line a neighboring major street where you may spend your time.

Hunting Island State Park’s renowned spiral staircase offers spectacular vistas. Climb it for an unforgettable experience. A walk down the beach at sunset will allow you to observe turtles hatching in the sand. Another option is to enjoy the Saltus River Grill’s quaint riverside restaurant on a sunset cruise.

In Low country and South Carolina, couples may spend several days indulging in the romance of travel!

Miami, Florida 

Miami may have a reputation for being a party city, but it’s also one of the most romantic cities in the United States. There are so many romantic things to do in Miami, from the gorgeous backgrounds and ocean vistas, to the art, museums, and culinary culture.

For a romantic getaway, Miami’s natural scenery is ideal. South Beach’s beautiful sands and crystal-clear seas make it a great spot to relax. As the day winds down, take a stroll around South Pointe Park Pier. Waterways in Miami are especially popular with couples. Sunset cruises in the Biscayne Bay are particularly popular.

As a bonus, many of them include a supper or a musical performance to add to the ambiance. It’s okay if supper on the river isn’t your cup of tea. As far as couples who love cuisine are concerned, Little Havana is one of the greatest areas. Located on SW 8th Street, Calle Ocho is the hub of this vibrant area and a great place to enjoy some Cuban food. There are many locations to discover art in Miami, but the Vizcaya Museum is one of the most romantic. As you go around the grounds, you’ll see groomed gardens and beautiful structures.

Charleston, South Carolina 

Charleston is one of the most romantic cities in the United States, especially in the fall when the weather is moderate, with just a hint of coolness in the air, and the days are becoming shorter. Walking through gaslight pathways and alleyways in Charleston is a beautiful experience. In addition to the smoke emanating from the chimneys, this comfortable environment is further enhanced by the scent of wood smoke.

Fall temperature in Charleston is usually in the low 70s and upper 60s, but locals find it cool and tend to cover up at night because of the chill. This cold weather isn’t ideal for the beach, but it’s perfect for walking excursions since it’s pleasant. Tours of Charleston’s historic district and bar crawls are among the fun alternatives. A haunted pub tour or an exploration of the Old City Jail at night is both options for those looking for some fright. It would be a pity to miss out on Charleston’s superb restaurant scene. Husk and Fig are high-end favorites, as are Magnolia’s and Poogan’s Porch. Be sure to have both biscuits and pimento before leaving Charleston.

Mobile, Alabama 

There are many places in Mobile, Alabama, where you and your spouse may live out your fantasies of being Rhett Butler or Scarlett O’Hara in Gone with The Wind. You may easily imagine yourself in the 19th century when you visit this peaceful community on the Gulf Coast’s central coast.

Older houses from the pre-Civil War era flank Dauphin Street and St. Francis Street in the downtown area. They’re shaded by towering oak trees with Spanish moss hanging from their branches. These homes are currently being used as museums. As a cotton broker’s mansion, Oakleigh House is a masterpiece of Greek Revival architecture. There are many reasons to visit Mobile at any time of the year, but its Azalea Trail Festival at the beginning of spring makes it one of the most popular spring break destinations in North America. Pink and white blooming azaleas cover every street in the second part of March, and special activities are held throughout town. Drive to El Papi for a fancy dinner.

Naples, Florida 

In the United States, there are a plethora of romantic vacations to choose from, including Naples, Florida. Southwest Florida’s Naples has nestled away in a beautiful area with white sand beaches and turquoise sea, with a cozy atmosphere. If you’re looking for something romantic to do in Naples, visit the beach for sunrise, sunset, or afternoon stroll. Adventuresome couples can even kayak or sail after sunset. Keep an eye out for dolphins! Naples Pier is also a great place to view the sunset romantically. Everglades National Park is another must-see for couples. Wildlife and coastal mangroves may be seen on trips for couples.

Besides the beautiful natural settings, Naples has a cosmopolitan treasure: the charming Fifth Avenue of the South. Restaurants, theatres, coffee houses, and art galleries may all be found in this neighborhood. This is a great time to get a drink and some small bites at one place, then go on to dinner at another. Located near Fifth Avenue, Sails Restaurant has been rated as one of Naples’ top restaurants for years. The restaurant is known for its seafood, but it also serves wonderful handmade pasta, steaks, and sumptuous desserts, among other things.

Hudson Valley, New York 

It’s hard to beat the Hudson Valley in New York for a romantic trip in America. Located between Albany and New York City on each side of the Hudson River is a valley that wraps around the river. Couples have so many options. There are many romantic walks in the Hudson Valley for active couples, from picturesque locations on the Hudson River (Black Creek Preserve) to overlooks with breathtaking views of the valley and the neighboring Catskill Mountains (Bonticou Crag and Table Rocks), to waterfalls (Kaaterskill Falls), and around lakes (Mohonk Lake and Minnewaska Lake). Or, rent a bike in Rosendale and ride the Rail Trail to New Paltz and back.

The possibilities are endless! Weekend afternoon live music may be enjoyed at the Rail Trail Café on Saturdays and Sundays. Numerous gilded-age homes dot Hudson’s east side, and their expansive lawns are ideal for a romantic picnic overlooking the river. There are also several vineyards and cider houses where couples may enjoy wine and cider tastings together. The Brooklyn Cider House and West wind Orchard provide cider samples and wood-fired pizza, so you may eat pizza and cider on their lawns.

The Berkshires, Massachusetts

The Berkshires are a rural region in Western Massachusetts that is noted for its mountains and charming villages. Three hours distant from Boston and New York City, it’s a favorite romantic retreat. The Berkshires are stunning in the fall, with their colorful leaves illuminating the landscape. As a bonus, the Appalachian Trail even passes through the mountain. To reach the peak, you may either hike or drive.

You can see Vermont and New Hampshire from the peak on a clear day. Stargazing is also possible if the weather is clear. Stockbridge, Lee, and Lenox are just a few of the Berkshires’ tiny communities that are worth exploring. Find antique shops, traditional general stores with local items, and independent art galleries. The city has a lot to offer. There is a good dining establishment in Stockbridge called the Red Lion Inn that serves fine cuisine in a magnificent Victorian setting. A journey to the country isn’t complete without a stop at a neighboring farm. Depending on the time of year, collecting fruits and vegetables is also a favorite pastime. You could discover apples or corn, or berries or pumpkins. Even cutting your flower bouquets is possible at some farms if you’re willing to pay.

Bar Harbor, Maine 

Bar Harbor is the perfect destination for couples looking for a romantic getaway on Maine’s quiet shoreline. The little tourist hamlet is located on the picturesque Frenchman Bay and is a favorite among newlyweds who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of major cities. A slow-paced ambiance, seafood restaurants with outdoor patios, stores loaded with handcrafted products, and a laid-back attitude attract people searching for leisure and quality time with their loved ones in this area. On land and at the water, romantic pastimes abound.

Sail in small groups from the Bar Harbor Inn, which overlooks the dock in the heart of downtown. It is also a wonderful pastime for couples who like the beauty of nature. The Bar Harbor Whale Watch Company provides multiple trips every day, including the chance to observe puffins on the nearby islands, according to its website.

 Rockport, Massachusetts

Rockport, Massachusetts, is the perfect romantic retreat in coastal Massachusetts. If you’re driving or taking the commuter rail north of Boston, there are plenty of romantic things to do. The city’s beautiful streets are perfect for a promenade, while its rocky shoreline is perfect to rest on or rent a kayak for an ideal mini-sea adventure. Motif #1, the most painted monument in America, is a must-see, as is Rockport’s art colony, one of the country’s oldest and home to dozens of unusual and lovely art galleries.

Visit The Ice Cream Store, which is housed in an ancient home, or Helmut’s Strudel for piping hot apple strudel. You and your partner may stroll down the Bearskin Neck side by side, stopping in at the tiny stores that pique your interest. Halibut Point State Park, a tranquil conservation area with stunning sea views, is a great place to spend time outdoors. 

Finger Lakes Region, New York 

As a romantic getaway location in the United States, the Finger Lakes Region in upstate New York should be on your list. Located on Seneca Lake, Watkins Glen is a romantic haven for couples. True Love Schooner sails across Seneca Lake, bringing you back to the romantic age of 1940s and 1950s films. They serve local cheese and wine to their customers. To keep warm, there are blankets available. The Finger Lakes Wine Trail is a must-see for wine lovers.

In addition to Riesling and sparkling wines, local wineries also make ice wines. There are more than 100 wineries, breweries, and distilleries in the region for those who want some diversity. Take a walk around the trails of Watkins Glen State Park to spend some time together in the silence. It has a total of 19 waterfalls, and each one is unique and beautiful. It will take around two hours to hike this gorgeous canyon, including all the stops to appreciate the sights and snap photos. After a long day, take a stroll to the Seneca Lake Pier. 

Wellfleet, Massachusetts

Located on the Outer Cape, Massachusetts is noted for its strong surf and smooth dunes. To be honest, it’s impossible not to think of this Cape Cod fishing hamlet as romantic. Although the island is only two miles wide, there are lots of romantic activities to enjoy. The Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary, for example, has a boardwalk that wanders through forests and marsh. Ride the Cape Cod Rail Trail on a two-person bicycle. Cahoon Hollow Beach is a great place to spend a quiet day on the beach among the dunes. Relax at the Wellfleet Drive-In at the end of the day.

Duck Harbor Beach is a great place for classic romance. Pack a lobster roll and a few drinks and toast the sunset with it. If you’re looking for fresh seafood meals, Wellfleet has plenty, including the famed “Wellfleet Oysters.” PB Boulangerie Bistro, a small French restaurant, may be one of the most romantic locations to eat in the city. A table is not guaranteed, though, so don’t fret.

Cleveland, Ohio 

You may explore a trip to Cleveland, Ohio, for an unexpected romantic getaway in the United States. No matter what your type of romance is, this lakeside city has something for everyone. Cleveland is home to museums like the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the Cleveland Museum of Art, which is one of the greatest free art museums in the country for culture and history buffs. Enjoy a Broadway performance in one of the historic theatres in Playhouse Square, or catch the world-famous Cleveland Orchestra at Severance Hall, both located in downtown Cleveland.

Let’s say you’re more into nature and the outdoors in general. A beach date at Edgewater Park or a stroll through the Cleveland Cultural Gardens would be ideal in this scenario. Lake Erie sunsets may also be enjoyed from the Solstice Steps in Lakewood Park or the E 9th Street Pier in downtown Cleveland. There are hundreds of eateries in Cleveland to select from after you’re done browsing.

Minocqua, Wisconsin 

As a romantic vacation destination in Wisconsin’s Oneida County, Minocqua is a top choice. Despite its modest size, Minocqua is known as The Island City. The city was incorporated in 1889 and was given the Ojibwe name of Minocqua, which means noon-day relaxation. At one point in the early 1800s, Minocqua was a lumbering town, but through time, it evolved into an exquisite tourist destination, especially for couples on a date. Besides being one of the largest freshwater lakes in the world, Minocqua is also home to a burgeoning economy in the tourist sector.

On top of all that, Clawson Hill, the center’s most recognized feature, is the epicenter of all the Pointe resorts and hotels in the area! That’s what makes it such a special location to visit. Moreover, you may visit a romantic place, such as the Minocqua Winter Park & Nordic Center, which features winter sporting facilities and a variety of other exciting activities. Alternatively, the Bearskin State Trail is perfect for running, bicycling, or taking a stroll with your spouse. Other than that, Minocqua has a lot of romantic things to do and see.

Cincinnati, Ohio 

Cincinnati, a bustling city on the Ohio River, is a great place for a romantic trip. Due in part to the burgeoning food scene, historic areas like as Over-The-Rhine (OTR) have been renovated. Enjoy a sunset in Eden Park, a stroll down the river at Smale Riverfront Park, or a performance at Cincinnati’s Music Hall, a Cincinnati landmark. In the Midwest’s largest amusement park, King’s Island, thrill-seekers may test their nerves, while foodies can indulge in Cincinnati’s historic Findlay Market. Rhinegeist, MadTree, and Taft Ale House are among Cincinnati’s many craft brewers.

In addition to brewery excursions, there are also Brew Bus trips. Sotto, a rustic Italian trattoria located below the street, is considered one of the city’s most romantic spots. In the lighted basement, you’ll find red velvet drapes, wooden tables, and their famous homemade pasta. The Orchid at Palm Court is a lovely restaurant that’s worth a visit. At this AAA Five Diamond Award-winning restaurant in Cincinnati’s Hilton Netherland Plaza, you’ll be treated to the finest exquisite cuisine in the city.

Napa Valley, California 

When it comes to romantic vacations in the United States, Napa Valley is one of the best. In Napa Valley, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to romantic activities to do. Taking a hot air balloon trip in the valley is a thrilling way to start your day. On the other hand, if you want to be on solid ground, take a train trip down the valley. Dinner for two and a view of the Napa Valley sunset are included in the romantic evening option.

Couples may enjoy a pampering session at one of Napa Valley’s most exclusive spa resorts. Calistoga is famed for its mud baths, but you may simply relax at a regular spa. During your stay, reserve romantic dinners at restaurants that cater to all tastes and budgets. Bistro Jeanty is a casual French bistro that serves great meals in a relaxed setting. Book a meal at the French Laundry if you are celebrating a special occasion! Walk around the area’s parks or climb Mount Saint Helena, the region’s tallest mountain, for a really difficult trip.

Seattle, Washington 

If you are looking for a romantic trip in the United States, Seattle is probably not the first place that comes to mind. But Emerald City’s stunning mountain and seaside landscape make it a romantic destination in the United States. No matter how long you’re staying in Seattle, you’ll find plenty of fun activities to do with your spouse. Embark on a romantic stroll along Alki Beach or ride the Great Wheel and have lunch at Golden Gardens Park. If you have time left in the day, make your way up the Magnolia Buff to Discovery Park for a lovely sunset.

Kauai, Hawaii

In Hawaii, Kauai takes the cake for romantic beach getaways. As a result, it’s easier to slow down, relax, and spend quality time together – on island time – than other renowned islands like Oahu or Maui. If you’re looking for a romantic getaway on a small island, you’re in luck! Prepare to be blown away by breathtaking vistas at Waimea Canyon and Wailua Falls, or go on an amazing Na Pali Coast cruise. As a bonus, you may take a sunset cruise.

Sea Glass Beach’s sunsets are ideal for a lovely evening trip. There is a tubing excursion through the rainforests that allows daring couples to float down ancient irrigation channels. Food trucks and fairy lights make for a lovely date night, especially if you’re checking out different street cuisines while you’re there. Kealia Poke provides freshly prepared Poke Bowls. Anuenue Cafe’s Haupia Mac Nut French Toast is unbeatable for breakfast. Every style is represented in Kauai. It is a great place for a romantic beach trip no matter what your taste. Kauai is, of course, a great anniversary destination in the United States.

Santa Barbara, California

Santa Barbara is a beautiful location with a lot to offer. “American Riviera” is located between the sea and the mountains in the state of New York. Colonial and Spanish Revival architecture abounds throughout the city’s downtown. In addition, there are several terracotta-roofed buildings as well as arcades, alleyways, and tiled stairs to explore. Then there are the blooming bougainvilleas and other brightly colored flowers. As a result, the city is regarded as one of the most romantic in California. Visits with a loved one may be filled with plenty of activities and attractions.

A romantic trip should begin with a stroll across the city. The County Courthouse, Presidio, Paseo Nuevo, and La Arcada Courtyard are some of the architectural wonders to see. In the Funk Zone or De La Guerra Street, wine sampling is available. Mission Santa Barbara should not be missed. Viewing the buildings inside is well worth paying a modest price for. Nearby, there’s a rose garden and a museum of natural history. They may wander around Stearns Wharf, take a sailboat ride, or enjoy a picnic on Butterfly Beach. Those who can afford it can take a helicopter tour. The Boathouse near Hendry’s Beach is a great place to eat. From here, you may take a stroll on the beach or via Douglas Family Preserve. Loquita, Jeannine’s, Bouchon, and Zaytoon are some of the other possibilities. McConnell’s ice cream is a must-try.

Denver, Colorado

Most people don’t think of Denver, Colorado when they think of romantic getaways in the United States. It’s a pity, too! Food, entertainment, and more can be found in plenty in the city, all with a romantic flavor. Embark on a romantic stroll through Denver’s famed 16th street pedestrian plaza. Seeing Denver’s most renowned landmarks romantically is the greatest way to experience the city. A romantic supper may be had at Larimer Square, Denver’s most historic block (where it all began). The lights placed above the street provide a beautiful ambiance for an evening promenade.

Osteria Marco, a casual-yet-classy Italian concept, is a great alternative. Try Ocean Prime for some of Denver’s finest and freshest seafood. Last but not least, The Capital Grille is a classic fine dining steakhouse that is unbeatable. If you’re looking for some sensuous entertainment, go over to The Clock tower Cabaret’s provocative showroom. Get ready for a fun-filled evening of burlesque and more! All were performed in a small, Parisian-like environment.

Sedona, Arizona 

The two of you are huddled together, looking up at the night sky and keeping warm by holding hands. As you listen to the stream on your right, the flicker of the battery-operated candles bordering your tent creates the most romantic atmosphere for you and your partner. Camping in Sedona during the day and at night may be as lovely. As you gaze at the red rocks and rich green pine trees, you’ll be reminded of all the things you love about each other.

Sedona is one of Arizona’s most romantic places for a reason. The vistas are some of the best in the world. Camping isn’t the most typical romantic trip, but there’s something wonderful about getting away from it all and simply being with your partner for a few days at the same time. Naturalists will love Sedona since it is the ultimate romantic getaway. Several activities attract active couples from across the world. You may combine romance and adventure by bringing a picnic with your favorite wine to enjoy in a secluded nook along the adjacent West Fork path. Snuggle at night and hit the trails in the morning.

San Luis Obispo, California

A romantic trip in the United States should include a visit to San Luis Obispo! San Luis Obispo has a lot to offer. Nevertheless, this city on California’s central coast is ideal for anybody who likes charming cities and outdoor experiences. If you’re searching for a romantic trip in the great outdoors, there are lots of options. Beautiful hiking trails may be found across the region. As a bonus, you’ll enjoy SLO’s proximity to several beautiful beaches. The historic California coastal towns of Avila and Pismo, on the other hand, are wonderful alternatives. Downtown SLO, on the other hand, is a great place to spend a romantic date night or just to appreciate the city. Firestone, one of the most popular local BBQ joints, and Novo Restaurant & Lounge, which has a gorgeous Creekside terrace, are two eateries you may want to try.

In addition to that, the weekly Thursday night farmers’ market is a popular destination. While on a romantic trip to San Luis Obispo, you may listen to live music, explore the outdoor market, and stroll around downtown. No matter if you come for a weekend or a month, you’ll have a blast and build memories you’ll cherish forever!

Portland, Oregon

This city has it all, from fashionable boutique shopping districts to quiet cafes and romantic outdoor leisure and activities, making it a great place for a romantic trip. Mod Fam Global suggests starting with a stroll down North Mississippi Avenue in North Portland. This stretch of Mississippi Avenue, which is located north of Lloyd District and Eliot across the Willamette River, is home to some of Portland’s greatest casual romantic eateries, including Prost and the People’s Pig as well as Mee-Sen Thai and Ruby Jewel Scoops. Your companion will enjoy a fun, hands-on macramé, staghorn, and bromeliad mounting session at Pistils Nursery, or Houseplants 101.

It’s possible to find an old-school record store and distributor that offers $4 mixtapes at Mississippi Records. Wanderers who want to experience Portland, Mt. Hood, and the Willamette River from the top of Mount Tabor may consider this romantic walk. To appreciate the views, there are several places to halt along the woodland hiking trails. The Willamette’s other side has more romantic spots like a Key Lime Crush doughnut with caramel and graham crumbs.

Malibu, California 

If you’re looking for a romantic trip along the California coast, Malibu is a great choice. Malibu, situated in Los Angeles County, has a small-town feel that shocks many first-time visitors to Los Angeles. The Pacific Coast Highway is lined with little eateries and stores that outnumber the chains. The beaches, as expected, are breathtaking. To the brave, there are cliffs in Malibu that may be scaled, as well as large sandy beaches that are perfect for lounging or swimming. Because of the cliffs, El Matador State Beach is popular among people in Malibu.

A beautiful sunset may be enjoyed here with breathtaking views. Directly on the pier is Malibu Farm, which serves fresh, organic food with a Pacific Ocean backdrop. A large wine list is offered and the atmosphere is romantic and peaceful. Hiking paths of various levels may be found in Leo Carrillo State Park, which is approximately 3 miles north of El Matador State Beach. Also available in Malibu are anything from beachfront hotels to modest vacation homes. Every couple will find Malibu to be the perfect holiday destination in the U.S., whether they are seeking a quiet stay on the beach or an active weekend trekking together.

Oahu, Hawaii

Oahu is one of the greatest destinations in the United States for a romantic trip! This Hawaiian island has something for everyone, and it’s hard to find a better place to visit than Hawaii. On a beautiful, tropical island, visitors may experience city life. The Ho’omaluhia Botanical Garden on Oahu, the Polynesian Cultural Center, Kualoa Ranch, Ala Moana Center, and Pali Lookout are some of the most popular sites to visit for couples on Oahu.

Numerous romantic activities are available on Oahu like a couples massage by the surf, wine tasting, and strolling around Waikiki. Other options include a private helicopter trip, listening to live Hawaiian music on the beach, renting a private pool cabana, and even swimming with dolphins. For couples on a romantic date, this is the perfect spot. One of the greatest Mai Tai drinks in the world is served at Merriman’s in Waikiki, and it’s topped with lilikoi foam. A great view of Waikiki Beach is also accessible here. On the other hand, you could choose to get a Hawaiian plate lunch or poke to go from a local food truck and enjoy it on the beach as you watch the sun go down. Whatever you select, Oahu has just everything you need to create a romantic trip that will last a lifetime.

Lake Tahoe, California

Located in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Lake Tahoe is a picturesque town that attracts travelers all year round because of its natural beauty and entertaining activities. As far as freshwater lakes in the Sierra Nevada Mountains go, this is the largest one. California and Nevada share this lovely location. Snowmobile excursions, skiing, tubing, sledding, and sleigh rides, as well as snowshoeing if you love trekking in nature, make Lake Tahoe one of the most romantic destinations in the United States for couples. Summer and winter visitors to Lake Tahoe may enjoy the Heavenly Gondola.

Lake Tahoe’s rich biodiversity is on full display in the summer, while its towering pines are covered in snow in the winter. You must experience it at least once in your lifetime! Lounging on the beach, enjoying a cruise, boating, and swimming are just a few of the romantic things couples may enjoy at Lake Tahoe. Extreme adventurers can enjoy activities such as zip-lining and parasailing. If you’re planning to camp in Lake Tahoe, make sure you check out the best camping locations in the region before you go.

Aspen, Colorado 

In the US, Aspen is a great spot to travel for a romantic mountain break. This lovely year-round resort is nestled in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains and has a lot to offer. Known for its world-class hiking trails, high-end restaurants, world-class skiing, and the Maroon Bells, this town has it all. Even if you only stop to take in a few Maroon Bells from the trailhead or wander around the lake, you’ll still be delighted with some of the most stunning vistas in the country. You can watch the dawn here with your significant other, which makes it a wonderfully romantic couple’s getaway! A vast network of bike paths may be found in Aspen as well. Renting a bike is easy in Aspen, and it’s a fantastic way to view the town and its surroundings at a leisurely pace. The boutique stores and cafés on Main Street are a must-see. You may have a cup of coffee and a pastry at Paradise Cafe, or you can dine at French Alpine Bistro! If you’re lucky enough to visit Aspen in the fall, you’re in for a treat. If you’re planning a mountain climb around this time, the Aspen trees in the Rocky Mountains put up a beautiful display with their golden leaves.


Solvang, California 

California’s Solvang is one of America’s most romantic retreats! Little Denmark in California is famed for its vineyards and windmills, which make it a great place for a romantic weekend trip. If you’re seeking a romantic getaway, Solvang, located in Santa Barbara County, has something for you. There are many bakeries and olive oil shops throughout Solvang, where you can find the perfect Danish pastry, go hiking and discover a romantic hot spring in the nearby Gaviota State Park, or visit some of the cutest wineries and tasting rooms in the surrounding towns of Solvang, Santa Ynez, and Los Olivos. If you’ve had a romantic day, there are many places where you may enjoy a candlelight dinner. Restaurants like Mad and Vin (at The Landsby Hotel) and First & Oak (at Mirabelle Inn) provide small dishes of fresh local food that are great for sharing with your partner. It’s a location where beauty, taste, and comfort come together to make a lovely town. Solvang is one of the greatest US holiday locations for couples, thanks to the earthy pinot noirs of Santa Barbara County and the pleasures of a Danish-inspired hamlet.


Las Vegas, Nevada 


In the United States, Las Vegas is a popular romantic destination for numerous reasons. Visitors to the city will enjoy its distinctive attractions, fascinating dining options, and numerous outdoor activities. On top of all that, there’s nothing better than spring in Las Vegas, with temperatures that are just right. However, even those who want to avoid the casinos can find plenty of things to do in Las Vegas. Almost all of Las Vegas’ activities begin on the Strip. Where all the major casinos are located is officially known as Las Vegas Blvd. The Bellagio Fountains are one of the most popular attractions on the Strip. The Bellagio’s dancing fountains are fascinating. The hotel-casino dazzles with its Tuscan architecture and its artificial lake, where fountains dance to the beat of different tunes. In addition to New York and Paris, other Las Vegas Strip attractions include Circus Circus and the Eiffel Tower ride. Visit the Las Vegas buffet for foodies. There is a buffet in almost every casino, and they all feature several food stations and a variety of cuisines to satisfy a wide range of palates.

San Francisco, California 

San Francisco is one of the finest US holiday destinations for couples because of its beautiful views, stunning sunsets on the beach, and world-renowned food. Golden Gate Bridge, Victorian homes, cable cars, and a wide range of ethnicities make this a metropolis to be reckoned with. Numerous romantic activities are available in this 7-mile-square city, ranging from the free to the ultra-luxurious. Visit the Golden Gate Park and have a picnic on a romantic afternoon.

There’s also pedal boating at Stow Lake, which is perfect for a peaceful retreat. It would be a mistake not to take a stroll on Ocean beach to watch the sunset, as it is known as the bay’s city. On a fun and romantic evening with your significant other, stop at the Ferry Building for oysters with champagne. Just go to Saison or Quince to indulge in a lavish tasting menu that’s sure to wow on a special night out with your loved one. After your romantic trip, head to Twin Peaks where you may snuggle up close to your spouse and watch the city lights twinkle below.

Hood River, Oregon 

Imagining yourself enjoying wine on a sunny 75-degree summer day, surrounded by mountains and lush woods. When it comes to Oregon’s Hood River, which is located in the Columbia River Gorge, you’ll find breath-taking scenery, beautiful vineyards, and even the Windsurfing Capital of the World. One of America’s most romantic destinations is the Fruit Loop, an idyllic 35-mile loop dotted with vineyards and breweries.

Picking sun-kissed berries, tomatoes, or pears with your significant other will be a fun activity. Be sure to stop at Panorama Point, which gives a spectacular view of the whole Hood River Valley. “The Spit” is an almost half-mile sandy beach popular with windsurfers, paddle boarders, and even swimmers. Take your pick from a beachside food truck and watch the sunset over the mountains. You must eat at Stonehenge Gardens with the locals when you’re hungry. There is also a fire pit for chilly evenings in their well-lit yard. Breathe in the fresh woodland air as you split a crème brûlée. The Mount Hood National Forest, with its waterfalls, hiking trails, and the only year-round ski resort in the United States is also a great place to visit if you’re seeking some natural splendor.

Salt Lake City, Utah

An urban hub that connects couples with nature, Salt Lake City has a lot to offer couples that enjoy being in nature. From strolling down Broadway in Downtown to climbing through the Big Cottonwood Canyons to viewing the ducks in Liberty Park or roaming across the expansive salt flats of Bonneville–the choices are infinite. The Red Butte Gardens are the perfect place to have a picnic in the shade. And if you enjoy skiing, you’ve come to the correct spot. Want to stay indoors? Salt Lake City has a lot to offer. Do you like to see the Utah Symphony or Ballet West? Theatre is one of your passions. The Capitol Theater is home to traveling Broadway shows. You’ll find a lot of great cafés, such as La Barba and The Rose Establishment.

Consider stopping by BTG (By the Glass), a cozy downtown wine bar. Salt Lake City also boasts a thriving eating scene, featuring cuisine from all over the world. There is a lot to see in Log Haven. Takashi and Red Iguana are also in this category. Salt Lake City is one of the most romantic vacations in the United States, regardless of whether you are an American or a foreigner on a visa in the United States.

San Diego, California 

With its beautiful beaches, San Diego is the ideal destination for a romantic trip. San Diego is a fantastic destination year-round because of the mild temperature in Southern California. You seldom need a jacket in the cold, and it doesn’t get too hot in the summer. There is so much to do in San Diego, which is also regarded as America’s Finest City. A trip to San Diego includes dining at one of the city’s many fine restaurants, wandering through Little Italy’s charming streets, taking a stroll through Seaport Village’s Seaport Village, or spending a romantic evening in the Gaslamp Quarter.

In Downtown, you’ll find Balboa Park and the world-famous San Diego Zoo. San Diego offers some of Southern California’s greatest beaches. They include Mission Beach, Coronado, and La Jolla. A great day may be spent relaxing on the sand, learning to surf, or riding your bike down the boardwalk. Torrey Pines State Park is a great place to go hiking. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to see some whales from the paths that overlook the Pacific.

Kona, Hawaii 

Anyone who has been on a honeymoon in Hawaii knows that Kona, Hawaii, is the ultimate romantic vacation in the United States. The Kona area has a lot to offer couples who enjoy the beach and Hawaiian cuisine. This is one of Hawaii’s most gorgeous beaches. Beautiful (and smooth) white sand makes it a wonderful spot to spend a day at the beach. If you’re lucky, you’ll catch a glimpse of a sea turtle munching on some seaweed in the cove’s tide pools.

It’s perfect for a romantic Sunday breakfast with a loved one at Papa Kona’s. Inquire about waterside seating when making your reservation, as there are only a limited number of tables! Guests can choose between a Hawaiian or American-style breakfast to complement the stunning vistas. Its loco moco, a traditional Hawaiian morning meal, is a delectable combination of sunny-side-up eggs with a beef patty, gravy, and rice, served with Kona coffee. If you’re searching for a romantic tropical getaway in the United States, Kona is the place to be.

Santa Fe, New Mexico 

It’s a fantastic place for a romantic trip in the United States, especially if you like the outdoors and a lively art scene. It features world-renowned art galleries, as well as a large number of independent galleries, as well as a strong focus on local artists and the history of the area. In the United States, Santa Fe is both the oldest and smallest city capital.

Check out the New Mexico Museum of Art or The Museum of Contemporary Native Arts if you want to see some art. You may also visit the Santa Fe Plaza and the San Miguel Chapel, which are both located in Santa Fe, New Mexico (the oldest standing church in the USA built in 1610). For a unique night out, visit Saxon in Santa Fe. New world food is served by the Mexican chef. Santa Fe offers a variety of unusual lodging options, including domes, tipis, and airstreams.

Glenwood Springs, Colorado 

As far as romantic mountain getaways in Colorado go, Glenwood Springs has it all. Natural beauty, hot springs, and a variety of dining options are all available in this alpine resort in the Swiss Alps. Two natural hot springs in the town are particularly well-known: Iron Mountain Hot Springs and Glenwood Hot Springs. Both have spas and restaurants on-site. More than a dozen pools may be found in Iron Mountain Hot Springs. According to legend, Glenwood Hot Springs features the world’s biggest natural heated pool. It’s a great place for couples who are looking to get some exercise.

Hiking two miles to a turquoise lake might easily become one of your favorite stops on a Colorado road trip. Here’s a great spot for a romantic picnic. There’s a national park in Glenwood Springs called Rifle Falls National Park. It is home to one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the United States. Walking and hiking routes may be found in abundance. Glenwood Adventure Park is the place to go for a carnival-like atmosphere. Roller coasters and cotton candy are the perfect way to spend the day. Ride the Ferris wheel with your loved one, however, for a romantic experience.

Boothbay Harbor, Maine

You may not think of Boothbay Harbor, Maine, as a romantic destination in the United States, but you should! Located on the rocky beaches of the Atlantic Ocean, this small New England fishing hamlet is the perfect location to go back in time and reconnect with the one you love. This bay’s ancient fishing piers are lined with signs offering freshly baked blueberry pie, rural bike tours, and whale viewing. You’ll also notice some brilliantly colored buoys floating in the water as your meander past them. It’s no secret that Maine is famed for its lobster. For each fisherman in the region, the markers have a specific aesthetic appearance. A romantic lobster supper for two is a must-have on every romantic Maine visit.