14th ‘Official’ Loch Ness Monster Sighting Reported in China

Following the “official” sightings of the Loch Ness monster reported in Texas, Ireland, and England earlier this year, 2021’s 14th “official” sighting of the elusive sea serpent is surprisingly far from its “home country.”

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Photo credit: Outsider

According to the most recent record from the Official Loch Ness Monster Sighting Registry, the most recent sighting has been reported in China. The register, which is run and maintained by Gary Campbell, an accountant from Inverness, Scotland, Outsider.com reported.

As the official Loch Ness record keeper, Campbell has recorded over 1130 alleged sightings of the Nessie for over 25 years, with the China sighting as the most recent addition to the books this year.

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Gary Campbell, the official record-keeper of Loch Ness sightings. Photo credit: The Daily Record

The news says that the most recent sighting in China was reported by a woman identified only as Weiming Jiang of Jiaozhou City, China. Jiang claimed that she noticed the monster nearing the shoreline.

Jiang reportedly saw one black dot in the water, followed by another. She said the mysterious dots moved on the water for six minutes before disappearing entirely.

Jiang’s sighting is the first-ever incident of Loch Ness sighting recorded from China, proving that the Loch Ness monster can be seen just about anywhere, and in no specific location or time frame.

There is, however, a strikingly similar finding, as most of the reports regarding the Loch Ness sightings mentioned mysterious black objects appearing and disappearing on the water.

According to Campbell, the reported sightings “are [also] getting more credible all the time.”

He claims that the official registry is kept as credible as possible and  “anything that is later proved to be a hoax or can be subsequently explained is removed from the register.”

“I never expected to be doing it this long but, after 25 years, nobody has solved the mystery – so I expect I will be doing it to the day I die,” he shared.